The Changing Seasons: July 2017

In July I did some trekking at the famous Romsdalseggen in magnificent Norway.

View from Romsdalseggen

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Self-portrait at Romsdalseggen

Romsdalseggen, Norway.

I went hiking. Just woke up one morning and thought: “I want to go to the mountains”. So that’s what I did: got up, booked a train ticket, packed and went hiking for a couple of days. Now it’s soon off to a tattoo convention to do some photographing and meet up with friends and sexy women.
I’ll post more photos from Romsdalseggen in my next Changing Seasons post.
Enjoy the summer! (winter if you’re down south)

Chatuchak Park Gym

Office buildings nearby Chatuchak.

Bangkok, Thailand: In Chatuchak (Jatujak) Park, vis-a-vis the JJ Green Market, there’s an outdoor gym. As luck would have it, I passed by when I was on my way to see my friend Natcha in her shop Bubblebrain Tattoo’n’art that’s located in JJ Green.

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The Local Skatepark

Gamlebyen Sport & Fritid

Gamlebyen Sport & Fritid

Gamlebyen Sport & Fritid is the local skatepark. They held an opening show some weeks ago. It was an official opening for the playground and new skateboard area for kids. A skateboard contest for adults were also held. Check out my Flickr gallery for more photos and some short clips from this event:

Besseggen Hike

Shot this earlier today. Hiking at Besseggen in Jotunheimen, Norway.

Also trying out how WordPress works with my new phone. 

Maurizio’s Photos: Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten & Trolltunga

As you already know I went hiking on the West coast of Norway this summer with three Frenchies and one Italian. I’m still working on processing all my photos from the trip, so I asked Maurizio – the Italian – if it was OK for him that I shared his photos in my blog, which it was.

I think it’s an interesting experiment to share two photographers impressions from the same trip: even though we saw pretty much the same things, we have captured and processed the photos differently. I’ll share my photos later, but all the photos in this post is taken by Maurizio – except for the few that he’s in. Then it’s me behind the camera (but with Maurizio’s post-processing).

If you read Italian, you can check out Mau’s blog about his journey to Norway. If you don’t read Italian, you can have a look at the photos here and in his blog. You can also follow him on Flickr.

The photo comments in this gallery is written by me (which is quite obvious for those of you who know me). Enjoy Mau’s photos!

Thanks to Maurizio Ghielmetti for letting me post his photos and thanks to Maurizio, Marine, Aurelien and Marie for joining me on this rare adventure. It killed my Iphone, but it was totally worth it (it’s a shame that we lost the timelapse video though…). Iphones aren’t built for Norwegian climate – never trust a fruit!

Check out his Flickr gallery and blog:

Det Gode Selskab – Rooftop Party @ Rockefeller

Some photos from Det Gode Selskabs rooftop Party at Rockefeller, Oslo. 28.05.2016.

Thanks to the organizers, dj’s and the numbers of people that showed up to make this party so great!

More photos from the event here:

A Little Treat From Prague

I’m still on a partly blogging hiatus, but when I saw that the theme for the WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is treat, I couldn’t help myself and just had to publish this little treat: a photo gallery from my latest trip to Prague.

These point & shoots were all taken in the Sex Toy Museum in Prague – a highly commendable and interesting museum – definitely worth a visit! (Edit: It’s called the Sex Machines Museum, not Sex Toys Museum).

More stuff from Praha will be posted later, after my partly blogging hiatus is over. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Halloween to all my American readers!

Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 10

October is here, but I’ll show you some photos from last month. For those of you who don’t keep up with such trivialities, I can reveal that we’re talking about September.

Nothing exciting happened in September, but I did manage to take a bunch of photos after all.

Changing Seasons 10 - 2015

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Musk Ox Safari Part 2

Yes, you’ve guessed it right: this is the second part of my recent musk ox safari at Dovrefjell. Here you can finally see some close-ups of these interesting animals.

Muskoxen stand 1.1 to 1.5 m high at the shoulder, with females measuring 135 to 200 cm in length, and the larger males 200 to 250 cm. The small tail, often concealed under a layer of fur, measures only 10 cm long. Adults, on average, weigh 285 kg and range from 180 to 410 kg. Source: Wikipedia


Musk Ox Safari Part 1

This is the first part of two posts with photos from my recent musk ox safari at Dovrefjell.

Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella National Park (Norwegian: Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella nasjonalpark) is a National Park in Norway. It was founded in 2002 to replace and enlarge the former Dovrefjell National Park, originally founded in 1974. It occupies 1,693 km² and encompasses areas in three Norwegian counties: Oppland, Sør-Trøndelag, and Møre og Romsdal and includes large parts of the mountain range of Dovrefjell.

Although it is a harsh environment, the mountains, the highest being Snøhetta at 2,286 m, make for spectacular hiking during the summer and skiing in the winter. Due to rather long walks between mostly unstaffed huts, great areas without huts and trails and harsh and unstable weather conditions, this area is recommended for experienced and well-equipped wanderers only.

The park is divided into a major western part and a minor eastern part by the European route E6 paralleled with the main railway between Oslo and Trondheim. Altogether the protected area amounts 4,365 km² and also includes areas in the county of Hedmark in addition to the three of the National Park. Source: Wikipedia


Beach volleyball @ Grønland, Oslo

More B&W photos in Paula’s post:

Frank Znort Quartet

This weekend a lovely couple from Prague came for a visit. On Sunday I took them to see Frank Znort Quartet play live at Blå.

Frank Znort Quartet live at Blå (this Sunday they played with a guest bass player).

Frank Znort Quartet live at Blå (this Sunday they played with a substitute bass player).

Every Sunday at around 16:00, they play an acoustic set outside the bar:

“Frank Znort Quartet (FZQ) is a jazz / punk big band from Oslo. They are known to have held a free concert every Sunday since they began playing in 1998.
They started with their Sunday concerts at St. Hallvard’s bistro in Gamlebyen (the Old City of Oslo), but eventually moved to Grønlandshagen. In the Mid-2000s, they played for a brief period at Café Con Bar. Since 2007 they have had their performances at Blå. FZQ has never been a quartet and currently has 18 permanent musicians and a growing number of guest artists.
” – Wikipedia

Some photos from Sunday 31.05.2015 (keep in mind that I’m still in the process of figuring out my new camera):

Some hours after the acoustic show, they continue the concert inside.

Here are some photos that were shot when they were still playing at Grønlandshagen back in 2006 (They were more punk and more fun back then, but it’s still nice to go to see them live once in a while).
I was lucky enough to be guest appearing on a song called Jimmy Jass, which is my re-written and Norwegian version of The Clash’ “Jimmy Jazz”. These were shot by my friend Simon:


Check out FZQ in these links (or check out some more of their material on YouTube, there are lots of clips):

«Runner in the City»

Tobias wrote a guest post in Paula’s blog on ‘Perspective and Anti-Perspective’ and in the post he briefly mentioned Avant-Garde, which made me remember an article that I read about Avant-Garde photography in the Soviet Union.

Instead of creating a perspective/anti-perspective post, I ended up on this weird, geeky, nerdy trail that led me to the Soviet Union’s Avant-Garde photographers. (note to self: this is probably a sign that I need some good head before this is getting out of control).

«Runner in the City», inspired by Russian avant-garde photographer El LIssitzky. Photo by

«Runner in the City», inspired by Russian avant-garde photographer El LIssitzky. Photo by

«Runner in the City» is a photo inspired by the Soviet Union era Russian avant-garde photographer El Lissitzky.

Here’s a copy of El Lissitzky’s photo:

Runner in the City Artist: El Lissitzky (Russian, Pochinok 1890–1941 Moscow) Date: ca. 1926 Medium: Gelatin silver print

Runner in the City
Artist: El Lissitzky (Russian, Pochinok 1890–1941 Moscow)
Date: ca. 1926
Medium: Gelatin silver print

Visit the Metropolitian Museum to see the original photo, alternatively check out their website:

Read Tobias’ post in Paula’s blog and check out her interpretation here:

Skateboarding @ Rådhuset

Between the 7th of September 1978 and the 9th of May 1989, skateboarding was totally banned in Norway. At that time, Norway was the only country in the world where it was forbidden to sell, buy or ride on skateboards. Today, a popular place to skateboard is outside Oslo City Hall, where these photos were taken.

Oslo City Hall (Norwegian: Oslo rådhus) houses the city council, city administration, and art studios and galleries. The construction started in 1931, but was paused by the outbreak of World War II, before the official inauguration in 1950. Its characteristic architecture, artworks and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, held on 10 December, makes it one of Oslo’s most famous buildings. – Wikipedia

I used to skateboard in my early teens, but gradually replaced it with playing in a band and eventually downhill biking (which gives you more of an adrenaline rush).
the photos is the gallery were shot in March, while I was shooting for the monthly challenge: «The Changing Seasons». Today, when I’m posting this, it’s Saturday morning and I’m just about to head downtown to hopefully capture some shots for the April part of the challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Pure & Untouched Ice = Bliss

For me a scenery like this is bliss: pure & untouched ice, nice weather and sharpened blades.

These photos are from an old post and another entry for #photo101. Soon the ice skating season is here again! To see the full gallery and video, visit the original post:


A Good Old Viking Fight

I accidentally came across these people who were fighting, viking style. I asked them if it was role play or sports, they said it was a sport.

Check out some more Monochrome Madness:

Israel 1970’s: Psychedelic Slide

This is the third post in my series with retro photos from Israel: «Israel 1970′s». I’m not sure, but to me it seems that not only the music – but also the slides, were more psychedelic back in the 1970’s…


For more Monochrome Madness, check out Leanne & Laura’s posts:

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Edit: I just found some info on this slide and the neighborhood it’s in.

“Kiryat HaYovel was established in the 1952 to house thousands of Jews from Arab countries who fled their homes when the State of Israel was declared.

On March 29, 2002, Ayat al-Akhras, an 18-year-old Palestinian, blew herself up at the entrance of Kiryat HaYovel’s main supermarket, killing two people and injuring 28.[5]

The neighborhood’s claim to fame is “The Golem”, a whimsical playground sculpture set in Rabinovich Park. Commonly called “The Monster” (Hamifletzet in Hebrew), the sculpture’s three red tongues serve as slides. The Golem was designed by the French sculptor Niki de Saint-Phalle.[6]”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

On Friday I posted an entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge in my secondary blog. The quality of the photos were what Senator Clay Davis from the TV-series The Wire would have aptly called: “shameful shit”. Later I realized that I actually do have some interesting alcohol/nargileh/sheesha related photos, so I decided to share them: