Cardinal Guzman

Who is Cardinal Guzman (the blogger)?

14184307_330260283982721_4635937079890555762_nMy name is Max. I like photography, I’m probably more than averagely interested in tattoos. I also like hiking and going to the gym.

In this blog I run a monthly challenge called «The Changing Seasons» where I capture my city during the year and get others to join, I’ve written some articles on «The History of Tattoo», but most of the stuff you’ll find in this blog is related to photography.

Origin of the name

When I started this blog the initial names I could come up with was already taken, but Cardinal Guzman was available. He’s a character in one of the books of Louis de Berniéres: “The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman”. This is the third book in a triology, were the first two are: ‘The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts’ andSenor Vivo and the Coca Lord’. Cardinal Guzman is, to put it very delicately, not a very likeable person (hopefully we don’t have a lot in common), but de Berniéres books are definitely entertaining.

Cardinal Guzman is not the best guy around, not even by normal person standards. And the man is a Cardinal! So as you might expect, Cardinal Guzman has a lot of repressed guilt and a bit of self loathing lurking around his subconscious. –

189 thoughts on “Cardinal Guzman

  1. There`s an error about your ping back your image icon disappear on the comment box if you want to try again make it simple and short you can delete this after you read have a nice day more power to your blog….jake

  2. Could you send me another one request so i can fix it for better view, Thank you i appreciate how you communicate with me . cause straight to tell i`m not familiar with this ping back i cannot use it or i do not know how to use it All i know is to post thank you.

    • I’m not sure if it’s possible to send another pingback, but I’ve tried. Here’s what I did:
      – I removed the link to your page and saved the post.
      – Then I re-added the link to your page and saved again.

      If it doesn’t work, I don’t think it’s possible to re-ping.

    • What a great comment to start my day! Thanks Jaqueline 😀

      Yes I’ve shot all the photos: the Gravatar is made from a photo I took of a shop- window in Germany. The camel is captured in the Jordanian desert, and the city that can be vaguely seen in the sand is Tel Aviv.

      (EDIT 25.10.2012: I’ve obviously changed both the gravatar and design since this comment was written)

  3. Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments upon my poetry and art Cardinal Guzman 🙂
    Nice meeting you and your interesting photos
    Wishing you a wonderful evening

    • Can females be cardinals? I don’t think the church allows that, but anyway: I am a male cardinal. I posess the typical male biological features, but I don’t like football (the whole world calls it football but, for some weird reason, some people insist on using the term soccer when talking about this unbelievably boring game).

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and that warm word hug 🙂
    I had to start stalking you… you have a lovely blog here,the Gravatar, the camel header,the photographs, the Libyan lamb shorba… everything so well written and displayed
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Thanks for the nomination. I’m flattered to hear that you find my blog beautiful & inspiring. I’ll put the award on the shelf by my digital fireplace together with the other awards.

      • Okay now you have my curiosity piqued…what is a click-whore ????
        And yes I agree with you about WP and honesty not working together too well.

        • A click-whore is someone that’s just chasing clicks: a stat-junkie. Very often (but not always) they also use their blogs to try to sell/advertise different products.

          • This expression coined by you has become part of my everyday vocabulary…. if you die today, I will remember you as the guy who came up with “click-whore” expression 😀

          • How incredibly à propos!
            (Immediately added to my UsefulWord File; ) Thanks and Happy New Year!!

  5. Hi Cardinal! Your blog is so inspiring. I’m just getting into the weekly photo challenge and ran across your blog while searching for something-or-other. Can’t even remember because I got hooked on this blog and lo and behold, it’s an hour later… Really must try to get my own post done. I’m following your blog now. Truly original…

    • Well thank you very much for this awesome compliment 😀
      You blog, blog and blog, and every now and then – all out of the blue – there is someone that leaves a comment in your blog. A comment that makes you smile. Thanks again.

  6. Ye Gods! I LOVE your avatar!! For a long time I’ve considered having the Ace of Spades tattooed on me, though in my version, rather than a skull, a snarling pit bull. Yours came out perfect. Looks very nasty.

    • Me too! Allan Themeofman is a great guy and your blog is very good: great photos from a lot of interesting places. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your posts.

  7. Hey Cardinal thanks for the like and enjoying my blog. You have some gorgeous photography all over your blog! What kind of camera do you use? I’m a D90 guys myself.

    • No problem QTran414. I don’t remember where I found your blog. You should add a link to your blog from your gravatar profile, it makes it easier for people to find.
      It’s nice to hear that you like my photography, thank you so much for the compliment. I use Canon 600D, 350D or my pocket camera: Canon Ixus 130.

  8. I just finished reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and loved it!! So, maybe I should read about Cardinal Guzman as well! Or maybe better, since he’s not a very likable man, I’ll follow your blog! 🙂

    • Louis de Berniéres writes well and Captain Corelli’s Mandoln was a good book, but I like the trilogy better: it’s more humor and weird things going on in the trilogy.
      His books are definitely way better than my blog, but thanks for deciding to start following my blog. Like most bloggers I always like commenters, readers & followers.

  9. I am currently reading The Troublesome Offspring and loving it… I think his best I’ve read is Birds Without Wings. It is beautiful.

  10. Addictive blog award? I’ll put my vote in for your blog! Have a great time clicking around. As an aside, I used to have Modularity Lite, then “upgraded” it and lost the ability to choose the photos that rotate in the header. Anyway, it’s nice to see the function works on your site. It also works for your site. 🙂

    • Thanks Cyn. I’ve changed the theme here since you wrote the comment. I’m catching up on replying now (more than 9 months later!). I noticed that your blog is no longer at the same domain now. What happened? Did you delete it? Stopped blogging? Moved your blog? Technical issues?

  11. What an amazing blog you have going here, I love it! I’ll admit at being a bit skeptical with your gravatar; but, once I was in, I was in awe of your work. Your very artistic and love your photo’s! Your collection on Stave Churches is fantastic. If there was a, “Like”, button on your site I would have clicked away.

    Thank you so much for the visit to my blog and mostly thank you for showing me the way to your blog, a journey all on it’s own! Looking very forward to future posts.

    Well done!

    • Thanks for the comment Maria. I’m currently catching up on replying! 😀 Better late than never!
      I’m glad to hear that you like my posts on stave churches. It would have been interesting to visit all of them and write several posts, but time, money, etc…
      I’ve changed the avatar/gravatar since last time. I hope you like the new one 🙂

  12. thanks so much for stopping by Cardinal 🙂 It opened up your really interesting blog posts and pix to me.. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.. Hope you’ll come back for more visits. charu

    • Thanks for the compliment Paula. David Bowie is a good artist. I’ve actually heard that from others as well (but I’m not sure if it’s true/if I agree). Bowie is definitely in a different league than me!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve not been on here long – I hope mine is as good as yours after I’ve been at it a few years. Your photographs are great!

    • Like I just wrote on your blog a few seconds ago: I’m not into awards, but I still appreciate being nominated. So, thanks for the nomination and thanks for the tip about the other bloggers. I’ll check out their blogs.

  14. We all wear masks. Even when we remove them they are covering our true feelings. I lie on a regular basis and when I tell the truth no one believes me. Loved your blog, very creative and different.

  15. Very inspiring photography, I enjoyed my visit here very much, and am looking forward to seeing more of your work! 🙂

    • Thank you Jessica. I’m already looking forward to my next batch! I made another batch of pickles the season after that post – that time I added a bunch of chillies of different sorts, which made the whole thing fantastic. This year I’ve even planted my own cucumbers, but I’m not sure if they’ll become anything yet. I’ll pickle even more stuff this year than what I did last autumn. It’s quite addictive. I guess that I should have paid more attention to my own warning in that post: «don’t pickle too much with yourself!»
      It’s too late now, the damage has been done 🙂

      • I suppose there are those who get pickles and those that don’t. I once made the mistake, while shopping in the aisles of a supermarket, of telling my then 5 year old son that “we didn’t need pickles,”
        “Don’t need pickles?!” he decried, “I can’t believe I’m hearing this!”

        Duly shamed, I bought some pickles. I felt the same way after reading your post. What was I thinking? I can see I have been missing out by not pickling myself. I will have to throw caution to the wind and redress the situation post haste.

  16. I’ve listened to your delightful tune in the morning, and opened my eyes and now I’m feeling a little dizzy 🙂
    You tell a lot without revealing too much. Paula is so right about this blogging nonsense (isn’t she always!) but it’s fun. Sometimes it saves my life.

    • I don’t know which one of the tunes you’ve listened to, but I’m glad to hear that you liked it 🙂
      Blogging is fun and it can be quite addictive. I hope you’ll have a great weekend!

  17. so are you a tattoo artist? artist/painter? chef? musician? priest maybe? 🙂
    i am curious as to what your standard, pointless job might be.

    • Except for tattoo artist, I guess you can say that I’ve been all of the above for a shorter or longer period. These days I waste my life at a boring office job, just to be able to pay the bills. It’s a totally pointless form of existence.

  18. What a fantabulously funtastic blog !! And reading about Cardinal Guzman and the comments ….I absolutely loved that wit and satire 😀 I am glad, to come across your blog 🙂 I am an infant in this blogosphere.
    Have a good day !!

      • I understand that, dear. Award or no award, it does not belittle our efforts and the love and affection we get from our fellow bloggers and readers. As I said earlier as well, I have always enjoyed your blogs, thoughts and perspectives – so much to learn from them.

        Have a great day.

  19. I was going to leave a comment but I couldn’t find the end. 😀 Love this blog! Love your humorous sarcasm. Love the skeleton photo but can’t figure out how it got those great teeth!

  20. I started following you during Photo 101 but didn’t call by here to say I hello. Glad I did, great portal into your creative mind and I just lost 30 minutes (but gained other things) by reading all of the above. I’ll stick around.

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  22. Cardinal , I need help with blog.
    I just saw that I have 2.9 GB of the 3 of which states , and I have no idea what to do to find a solution. I remember you explained that you could do another blog and there save photos , or something ; but I have no idea how to do that or how to use then the two . Blog is that I do not understand much and computing even less.
    WordPress suggests me to buy an upgrade of space , does not seem very well make
    Although I guess now , with the move have very little free time , you could help ?

    thank you very much.

    • You can start a new blog, for example one that you’ll name viaja3. In your new blog you upload photos that you’ll link to your old blog.
      Then your photos will be stored in your new blog, but you’ll keep posting in your old one.
      So, the link to this this photo (that I found in your latest post), would look like this:

      instead of like this (this is how it looks like today):

      • Thank you very much for answering so quickly , especially since now you have so much work to move. I’ll see if I’m able to do what tells me since the blog was prepared by my daughter who is now not at home. There is no other easier way , or I would just delete all photos ?
        Excuse my insistence and thank you very much .

      • Hello again Cardinal,
        Sorry to bother you again. I started a new blog (, but do not know how the photos are linked to the former.
        I do not know if I can keep publishing in the old post if the multimedia file is full, (or is only filled to store more pictures?)
        I enter the new blog from the old desktop I get comments on both blogs.
        The truth is I’m a mess and do not know how to follow. In fact I pointed to the new course bloguins WP and I do not know why, I get feedback from commons as if dirigidoa my list and my Blog, I also leave the courses Word Pres, that’s normal?
        Excuse much text, but I’m very lost. I hope you understand.
        Thank you very much.

        • Hello Viaja.
          Now that you have two blogs, you can use one of them for posting and one of them for storing photos.
          You can add photos from your new blog into your old one.
          Here’s an example:
          Use this link (it’s one of the photos you’ve uploaded to your new blog):

          and you can add it as a picture in this post that’s in your main blog :

          To use the photo in your post you choose “insert from URL”. It should look like this:

          insert photo from URL

          • Cardinal Many thanks for answering so quickly. I try to do as you say , see what comes out.
            I hope your move is already advanced and have almost all more or less organized . We also moving walk home , although my daughter who becomes independent , but can imagine that we are helping a lot.
            Again thank you very much .

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  24. Thank you for liking my post Cardinal Guzman. For a while I did wonder if a Fr Guzman I knew in Manila had caught up with me 😀 *whew* *relief*. Then when I saw you pic, it reminded my of Phantom of the Opera. Your blog and photographs are just fascinating!
    ~ your new follower

    • The Phantom of the Opera is a cool comparison I think. Thanks! I enjoyed your post with street photos from Ho Chi Minh City. That’s how I found your blog, because I was searching through street phtoography posts.

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    • I can’t believe you haven’t read this before either! 😀 Hehe.
      This page has been static for ages now and I’ll probably update it, change bits and pieces, “soon”.

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