Ice Skating & Night Skating

Another reflection themed entry. The ice skating season has officially started – I opened it at Vannspeilet in Gamlebyen, Oslo on Sunday 02 December 2012. Also returned the following night to skate some more, but unfortunately it’s a bit dark. Here’s a bunch of photos and 2 videos from the 02 and 03 of December. Most of these are shot while skating, so they’re a bit clumsy.

Another video from the night skating:

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34 thoughts on “Ice Skating & Night Skating

  1. I SUPER enjoyed the videos! The daytime one it seemed like the ice was so shallow but gleaming and the sounds of the night time video were wonderful..I love to skate but have never thought of this at night- awesome (and scary) – thanks for sharing!!

    • The ice was actually a bit shallow, but it was strong enough to hold a grown man. It’s been -12º the last days and nights, so the ice is stronger now. I love the sounds of ice skates too. My wife gets the shivers, but I love the sound.

      It was a bit scary to skate at night, because you couldn’t see clearly if there were any obstacles: unfortunately there’s a lot of retarded, idiot, scum people that are throwing rocks out on the ice to amuse themselves. It’s crucial that you see these rocks! (Hopefully the untermensch that are throwing rocks on the ice don’t understand that their action has such dangerous consequenses).

  2. Fantastic gallery and videos. It looks like you had the ice pretty much all to yourself. I can’t imagine being able to skate and video at the same time. I’ve never been able to even stand up properly on ice sskates. :

    • Thanks! I asked an asian couple to shoot the 3 photos of me on the ice. Some bypassers stopped to check the ice, but they didn’t have skates, so I was the only one ice skating there. It’s lovely to have all that ice by yourself!
      Ice skating is fairly simple to learn and you should quickly be able
      to manage the basics like going forwards and stopping. Going sideways and backwards is a bit more complicated, but it’s all technique: you just have to get the movement in the feet and hips.

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  4. Very nice, I think I like the one with the close up of the leaf in the foreground the best – but they are all nice 🙂 Speaking of skating? I can’t skate worth a cent, which is hilarious because I’m Canadian and aren’t we all supposed to be able to skate and play hockey blah blah – nope. I guess I can curl, so I can walk on ice and throw a mean curling rock, but I never got into the skating thing – I care for snow shoeing a great deal!

    • the leaf is my tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs 😀 (just kidding, but it could have been). Curling is probably fun to play, but it’s extremely boring to watch: not enough speed and action for my taste.

      The Norwegians have a similar thing like the Canadians: While the Canadians are all supposed to be able to ice skate, the Norwegians are supposed to love cross country skiing.

      • My sister (the one in Finland right now) LOOOOOVES cross country skiing. I don’t mind it, but I’m not bothered to participate in it either 😉 but I certainly like it better than downhill. And lol at the Toronto Maple Leafs – that’s great, one of the team leaders at work just loves them and everyone teases him about it but hey, I think it’s pretty cool. I’m not much for hockey myself, but I figure it’s cool if you have a team and you stick by them even if they don’t win much 😉

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