Silence / Cross-Country Skiing

Yesterday (and today) I went cross-country skiing. Here’s one of the photos and a video.

Sognsvann, Oslo.

As you can hear from this clip it’s not really silent when you’re going downhill, but you can always stop somewhere and enjoy the silence.

Posted for WordPress’ Weekly photo Challenge:

I’ll post more photos from my cross-country skiing adventures in my next entry for «The Changing Seasons», which this year will be hosted by Su Leslie. You can check out her blog and entry for WPC Silence by following this link:

20 thoughts on “Silence / Cross-Country Skiing

  1. Love the photo of the red cabin. I have not been skiing since I was young, your video was a reminder of how beautifully quiet the snow-covered mountains can be first thing in the morning when the only sound is the wind as you go downhill.

  2. That first photo looks like a postcard. It is so perfect!

    So far I’ve been resisting the urge to get some cross-country skis – it’s been a looooong time since I’ve been on skis, but this is turning out to be the perfect winter for it (although rather frigid). Sadly I don’t have anywhere gorgeous like this to go skiing nearby! You seem to be in the mountains – that looks like a serious descent you did. I would be thinking the entire time I was going down that sooner or later I will have to climb again 😉

    • I’ve had a break for about 8-10 years without skiing and it’s really nice to be back at it. You have to climb the hill before you can ride down, so you don’t have to worry about that while going downhill. 😀
      The hill where I filmed is not really meant for skiing, it’s a road that leads to some of the cabins further up, so I was more worried about facing a car. There’s another track somewhere on the left (not visible in the clip) where you’re supposed to go skiing, but I figured it would be more fun to go downhill in the middle of the road. There’s not a lot of traffic up there anyway, so the chances for a collision are near to nothing.
      BTW: This is not in the mountains – there are no trees in the mountains – this is in the forest here in Oslo.

    • Snow is cold, I can’t deny that obvious fact. Snow that is not cold is just rain.
      There are mild winter days too and this was one of those days: not too cold to be outside. I don’t go skiing and stuff if it’s -10 celsius and below, then I’ll just get freezing hands and feet and I really hate that.

  3. Thanks for taking me skiing with you Max. Love skiing. And you know I love your submission to this week’s challenge. Sorry that I was absent from most of The Changing Seasons last year. Full on travel, followed by unexpected surgery for Mom in Bangkok, followed by endless boat prep for the Indian Ocean got in my way of blog posting until year end.Thank you for your wonderful hosting over the past few years. I enjoyed being part of it whenever possible!

  4. Looks like great fun. And perhaps not Actual silence, but the sort of silence of turmoil that getting away from everyday life brings. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. 😀

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