Musk Ox Safari Part 2

Yes, you’ve guessed it right: this is the second part of my recent musk ox safari at Dovrefjell. Here you can finally see some close-ups of these interesting animals.

Muskoxen stand 1.1 to 1.5 m high at the shoulder, with females measuring 135 to 200 cm in length, and the larger males 200 to 250 cm. The small tail, often concealed under a layer of fur, measures only 10 cm long. Adults, on average, weigh 285 kg and range from 180 to 410 kg. Source: Wikipedia



50 thoughts on “Musk Ox Safari Part 2

  1. Great wildlife photos. The muskox does closely resemble our American buffalo (bison, really). I’ll have to look them both up and see if they are genetically related. I love that long coat. Looks very warm. Suitable, given the climate. You really can’t have too long a lens on a journey like that! I’ve had good luck exposing for the snow and adjusting the shadows in post processing.

    • The bison and the muskox is not related, I read about it on Wikipedia.
      “The thick coat and large head suggests a larger animal than the muskox truly is; the bison, to which the muskox is often compared, can weigh up to twice as much.”
      Hairs from the muskox was used in early space suits by astronauts.

  2. Ups, whatever happened to my comment? I’ll patiently wait and see if it turns up, maybe it’s awaiting moderation?? 🙂

  3. This is really interesting! And the landscape is amazing, I can imagine how great the safari must be 😉

  4. They look like a close cousin to the Himalayan Yak.
    I loved the Horse in black & white 🙂
    I am waiting to see the remaining pictures 😀

  5. Stunning photos! Love the close-ups of the flora, and those horses are beautiful. The musk oxen look very similar to the yak – and seem to be able to walk up a solid ice wall in the same manner too!

  6. fabulous shots, Cardinal!! one feels close to nature when looking at these… you went out there to see the muskox and you’ve seen so much more… the landscape shots are breathtaking… and the forget-me-nots are so beautiful 🙂

  7. Very interesting … I liked the captions on each of the pictures. The terrain alone is really beautiful even without the added bonus of seeing muskox.
    I was particularly curious about the rock cairns. I had often wondered why rocks were piled like that …I had no idea they were used for navigational purposes. I’m not used to that tundra type of landscape. I’m more familiar with treed forests and blazes on trees used for navigation. Now I understand better how trails can be marked in the tundra like areas.

      • Experienced hikers know better and have respect for the environment … the expression “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos”.
        In our hikes we were sad to occasionally find garbage left behind.

  8. What a wonderful trip, CG … these photos, that I’ve just been through, are real treasures. What a great country you live in!

  9. I can see you had a great time. I would too. If I lived in Norway I think I would go on a musk ox safari every summer. This is a stunning gallery, Max!

    • Thank you Paula and welcome back from your vacation. I hope you guys had a great trip! I’ll reply to your other comments when I return, because on the phone you can’t see which pictures the comments are for, you can only see the names of the photos (For example: “Paula wrote ‘beautiful’ on IMG_0593.jpg”).

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