Maurizio’s Photos: Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten & Trolltunga

As you already know I went hiking on the West coast of Norway this summer with three Frenchies and one Italian. I’m still working on processing all my photos from the trip, so I asked Maurizio – the Italian – if it was OK for him that I shared his photos in my blog, which it was.

I think it’s an interesting experiment to share two photographers impressions from the same trip: even though we saw pretty much the same things, we have captured and processed the photos differently. I’ll share my photos later, but all the photos in this post is taken by Maurizio – except for the few that he’s in. Then it’s me behind the camera (but with Maurizio’s post-processing).

If you read Italian, you can check out Mau’s blog about his journey to Norway. If you don’t read Italian, you can have a look at the photos here and in his blog. You can also follow him on Flickr.

The photo comments in this gallery is written by me (which is quite obvious for those of you who know me). Enjoy Mau’s photos!

Thanks to Maurizio Ghielmetti for letting me post his photos and thanks to Maurizio, Marine, Aurelien and Marie for joining me on this rare adventure. It killed my Iphone, but it was totally worth it (it’s a shame that we lost the timelapse video though…). Iphones aren’t built for Norwegian climate – never trust a fruit!

Check out his Flickr gallery and blog:

13 thoughts on “Maurizio’s Photos: Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten & Trolltunga

    • Yes, we had fun! Especially in the car when we were all singing and playing (no radio, only silence, talking or playing guitarlele & singing).
      There were long stretches of transportation, the longest stretch being a 9 hours drive.

  1. This is another time when the *like* button is completely inadequate!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

    These photos are simply breathtaking – in more ways than one!! The heights! I would never convince my hiking partner to take a trip like this in a million years – she’s afraid of heights!

    What an adventure, Max! Was this your first time doing this hike?

    • Yes, it was.
      Growing up I heard so much about this country. At school we learned about it’s history, traditions and language. We even ate Norwegian food at home. Finally I got to visit the place. 😀

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