Good morning 2015!

A sunny winter morning.

A positive & fresh start

I was going to write something positive about a fresh start now that we’ve turned the pages in our calendars and write 2015, instead of 2014, but there’s an endless amount of these “positive thinking, life is so fantastic, you are what you eat, spiritual guidance gave me the courage I needed to smell my own farts without choking”-blogs and quotes out there. I was looking forward to a wonderful holiday in December with 2 ½ weeks off work – the perfect end to a long and boring working year. Then, what happens? Of course I got sick and had to stay in bed / stay inside for two of those weeks. Most likely because of this bitch at work with her “high fucking work ethic” – she spent the last two weeks before the holidays, coughing around at the office, making sure to infect everyone with the flu in time for the holidays…

I mean, people like that should have been put to sleep for good – for the sake of the rest of us. When you think about it, Untermensch like that made the black plague spread and kill so many people back in the days. Disease spreading Untermensch that never understood the basic of biology, hygiene and droplet infection. Untermensch that thinks that the world will fucking stop if they don’t show up at work to perform their mundane, useless tasks. These Untermensch are the idiot fuel that an epidemic needs to grow into an epidemic in the first place. Of course I can’t say with 100% certainty that the flu came from her, because you have idiots like her everywhere: on the buses, in the elevators, in the cantina, at the supermarket… They’re all over the place. They’re also breeding and voting in elections, but I won’t start that discussion right now… Anyway it would have been great if someone could have pulled some Endlösung tricks on them.

Now it’s soon time to return to my pointless, boring, shitty job, so of course I’ve started to feel better again, but I hope that it’s just temporarily. My dream is that the fever will return and that I’ll continue to be sick for at least another couple of weeks. To be realistic, that won’t happen and the next holiday starts after 63 workdays (91 days from now), but that’s just a few days off and not really a long holiday. The next time that I’ll have more than two weeks off work, is in about 6-7 months. In other words there’s a whole lot of boring days between me and the summer holidays…

Next (mini) holiday starts after 63 workdays (91 days from now).

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