New Single: «Jeg Tar Rennafart»

Jeg Tar Rennafart - front cover

Jeg Tar Rennafart – front cover

Hot off the press: my new single «Jeg Tar Rennafart» is out today.

Google Music was the first platform to publish it. Itunes, Spotify and the others will follow in a few days.
Check it out on Google Music:ørkli_Rennafart?id=Bkpp5vz4ynahxuer54pmprjxdum

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More From The Suspension Event

In the end of January I promised to show you more photos from the suspension event, Suspension Sunday, that I photographed.


A couple of friends asked me to come along and document something called Suspension Sunday. Having frequented plenty of tattoo conventions, and since I know a lot of heavily tattooed/pierced/body modified type of people, I am familiar with suspensions.

I’m assuming that the majority of the people who follow this blog aren’t as familiar with suspensions as I am, so here’s a photo to give you an idea:


Stay tuned for more! (Hang in there)

Do you want to hang? Check out

UPDATE: Do you want to see more?

The Changing Seasons: September 2017

September is here and brought autumn with her. This is the third consecutive year that I cover September in this challenge and after this (as you probably already know) there’s only 3 months left of the year.

Oslo Opera, Bjørvika.

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