Bicycle in the Rain

Not only riding a bicycle in the rain, but riding a bicycle in the rain while photographing…


f/2.8 |1/20 sec | ISO-400

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Winter on the mountain and in the city

Two pictures from Norway. I believe they were both shot in 2006, but I’m not sure and it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Winter on the mountain (2006)

Winter on the mountain (2006?)

Winter in the city (also 2006?)

Winter in the city (also 2006?)

The mountain photo is shot in Valdres, the city photo in Tønsberg.

Happy Skateboarding! (wpc)

There’s a a multi-photo challenge for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week and the theme is “Happy!” What a great way the celebrate the new gallery formats that WordPress just released!

I shot these photos of some skateboarders last Sunday and it makes me happy to see people skateboarding: it makes me remember the feeling of freedom we had when we were teenagers. We used to watch (what now has become) classic old-school skateboard movies on VHS, before we went out and tried to master some of the tricks. Some of our favourite movies were «Santa Cruz: Streets on Fire», «Powell Peralta: Ban This» and «Powell Peralta: Public Domain». There was also a couple of other movies, but I can’t remember the names.

When we started skateboarding it was still a crime to own a skateboard: The government decided to impose a ban because some kids had broken their arms while skateboarding. Remember: Your government always knows what’s best for you (and punishes those that don’t follow their regime).

Well, skateboarding is legalized now and people can perform this sport/activity with the blessings of our beloved rulers. Here’s my recent skateboard photos and I’ve also added a clip from one of the Powell Peralta movies that I mentioned.

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