Panoramic photo of the Oslo Opera House.

Landmark: The Oslo Opera

The theme for #photo101 today is Landmark and the Opera House in Oslo fits that category. Last year I printed this panoramic photo on an aluminium plate measuring 40×120 cm (that would be approximately 16×47 inches if you live in one of the 3 countries – Liberia, Myanmar or USA – that are still using…


Mountain Silhouette

I shot this mountain silhouette photo in January/February 2014 when we were in Alta, Norway. If you missed my previous posts on Alta, you’ll find them here: You can also find more silhouette photos in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge:


Trollstigen & Trollveggen

These photos are from Trollstigen (The Troll Ladder) & Trollveggen (The Troll Wall) in Norway. Check out WordPress for more zigzag photos: Here’s part 2:

Seafood museum in Ålesund.

The Seafood Museum in Ålesund

Enjoy these photos from the aquarium, or the seafood museum like I call it, in Ålesund, Norway. Atlanterhavsparken is the official name and it’s one of the largest saltwater-aquariums in northern Europe. See more photos from the mysterious underwater world: Check out monochrome photos in this excellent post:


A trip to Ålesund, Norway

It’s been quiet in this blog lately. I had to finish up a whole lot of stuff at work before I could start my vacation and then we had a family member for a visit. We rented a car and drove to Ålesund – a city in the North Western part of Norway. It was…


Impressions from Alta

As you know from my last post, we recently went for a visit to Alta. I’ve separated the photos in two galleries. The first gallery is photographed with my Canon Ixus 130 pocket camera. The second gallery is shot with my Canon EOS 600D – which is a much better camera than the pocket one –…


Gallery: Details from the Oslo Opera

The Oslo Opera is and the surrounding area is, as you’ve probably noticed, one of my favourite places to take photos. I think the building itself is very nice and there’s also a lot of interesting photo opportunities in the neighborhood. On top of that it’s also in proximity to where I live and I’ve…

Mr. Claus

White Christmas in Norway

Christmas holidays is here and it’s a perfect time to use the camera. The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “My 2012 in Pictures”. Some of these photos are grainy because I shot them handheld in low light, which means I had to crank up the ISO. Check out these images/logos for the Weekly Photo Challenge…

Finally I managed to capture the rainbow this summer.

She comes in colors everywhere…

Earlier I wrote a comment where I mentioned that I’d finally managed to capture the rainbow this summer. Paula and Jeff asked me if they could see the result and I promised them that I would post it later on.  Well, now it’s ‘later on’ and this is the result of me chasing the rainbow…


Good Morning Oslo!

This turned out to be a perfect entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Sleepy people on their way to work. A christmas tree closing in on death. Christmas decorations, waiting to be packed and stored in cardboard boxes (where they’ll have to wait, just to repeat their short career’s around the same time next year).…


The Cold Truth of the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle

Are you suffering from the misconception that a life filled with rock’n’roll is easy living, comfort & no hard work? Well, if you read this story & have a look at these revealing photos, you will understand that you couldn’t possibly be more wrong: your illusions will burst and your thoughts will no longer be tainted! But is your tender mind really…