Skateboarding @ Rådhuset

Between the 7th of September 1978 and the 9th of May 1989, skateboarding was totally banned in Norway. At that time, Norway was the only country in the world where it was forbidden to sell, buy or ride on skateboards. Today, a popular place to skateboard is outside Oslo City Hall, where these photos were taken.

Oslo City Hall (Norwegian: Oslo rådhus) houses the city council, city administration, and art studios and galleries. The construction started in 1931, but was paused by the outbreak of World War II, before the official inauguration in 1950. Its characteristic architecture, artworks and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, held on 10 December, makes it one of Oslo’s most famous buildings. – Wikipedia

I used to skateboard in my early teens, but gradually replaced it with playing in a band and eventually downhill biking (which gives you more of an adrenaline rush).
the photos is the gallery were shot in March, while I was shooting for the monthly challenge: «The Changing Seasons». Today, when I’m posting this, it’s Saturday morning and I’m just about to head downtown to hopefully capture some shots for the April part of the challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone!


36 thoughts on “Skateboarding @ Rådhuset

    • It was banned because kids could fall and brake their arms/legs. Another reason was that they could crash into old people. Norway is like the biggest kindergarten in the world – it’s just one huge kindergarten with a flag, a king and a government (the government changes faces from time to time, but they’re all about the same thing) that only wants to control, tax and surveil the people. Unfortunately that last sentence, about the government, can be applicable to almost any country in the world.

      • yes true and what a shame but its like here you cant play with conkers at school because it is dangerous and in some places you cannot swim backstroke because you can’t see where youre going???? lol x

  1. Brilliant photos of skateboarding-over-garbage-bins action. Didn’t know you shot action so well too, bravo. The dog looks like it wants to join in in the last show. I’m also intrigued as to why skateboarding was banned back then? Hope you have a good weekend. Already half gone for me 😀

    • Thanks Miss Mabel. I try to experiment with different genres in photography and not to get stuck in one thing. A one trick pony can be extremely good at that one trick, but it gets boring to watch the same trick again and again.
      The dog was in a whole bunch of the photos that I shot there, but I deleted most of them. A dog photo or two is enough. My weekend has been great so far. I took the kid for a bicycle ride downtown today: we stopped and watched the trains pass by from the top of a bridge. He thought it was hilarious every time a train drove underneath us. The driver in one of them saw us standing there, so she honked the horn, which made my son scream loudly of sheer joy! 🙂
      Afterwards we went to the playground for 3 hours where I brought my skateboard and the kid had his ‘skateboard’ with a handle on it. I have no idea what that thing is called, but google translate suggests ‘scooter’ (in my head that’s a motorized vehicle, but I guess it can have several meanings and that I just haven’t picked it up). When we were bopth exhausted we went back home, he’s sleeping now and it’s onlyu two o’clock on Saturday, so there’s still plenty of weekend left to enjoy!

      When it comes to skateboarding in Norway, read my answer to Justine (eclecticoddsnsods) above here.

      • That sounds like quite a weekend so far. Good to hear that you relived a bit of your childhood skateboarding. I read Barry’s comment below. Maybe you need to take the skateboard out again and rediscover those tricks. Spring and summer is coming up for you anyway…

        Looks like you are a jack of all trades when it comes to photography, and you do it very well 🙂 Having bought a better PS and a mirrorless last year and taking photography more seriously, I’ve taken to shooting a range of subjects. Like you, I think it’s fun taking the camera to different places. But I really do want to focus on an area, though. Only time will tell if I do 🙂 Enjoy the rest of Saturday, and then there’s Sunday.

      • The scooter thing is quite popular here where I live. One of the baseball players for the San Francisco Giants baseball team, Hunter Pence, rides one around San Francisco and to the ballpark. Children here in my neighborhood ride them, too.

        Glad to see the info on why skateboarding was banned there — wow. There is a old train here at a kids park in Monterey called “Dennis the Menace Park” (the cartoonist, if you have heard of this cartoon is from here). When we first moved here, the kids use to be be able to climb in / over / etc. But they have cordoned it off now for fear the children will hurt themselves. My grandchildren were so disappointed the last few visits because they could not climb around it, but they have memories of when they did climb the train at the “choo-choo” park. Granted, it was a bit scary for little ones, but that is the responsibility of the adult supervisors to judge too if the kid you have is strong enough, coordinated enough to climb there. Sometimes we go too far with protecting everyone…

    • That place looks awesome! I just tried my skateboard again today and it must have been at least 10 (probably closer to 15) years since last time. It was fun but I didn’t have the same control over the skateboard like I used to have and most of my tricks were forgotten. I still managed to pull off a couple of basic tricks and my balance was good, so I can’t complain.
      If my son takes up skateboarding I’ll take him to Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks for the tip Barry!

  2. Great shots! I’m a little surprised that Sweden didn’t forbid it! That’s an even bigger “kindergarten”! They forbade jet-skis …

  3. Ahhh…that is where the set of your b/w skateboard photos are…terrific! How bizarre that it was banned, what a turnaround that the photos are in front of city hall.

    • When we started skateboarding there was this wild kid in the neighborhood that had illegally gotten a skateboard from the U.S. We were like 5 kids using the same skateboard, constantly on the lookout for cops and felt like real criminals.

      • haha, you were little criminals if it was still banned then… 🙂

        Did you see that movie Walter Mitty, I loved the scene where Ben Stiller skateboards in that beautiful scenery with Jose Gonzalez’ music in the background.

  4. Errr……..the poor dog, wants to join in the fun !! 😀
    Awesome action shots !! Skateboarding is not yet a fad in India. Pity !
    Hope you have finished with moving. 🙂

    • Haven’t finished yet, but will soon!
      I guess skateboarding is not a big thing in India because (as I remember it) there’s not really many good spots to skateboard. The tarmac isn’t the best, there’s a lot of stones and litter in the streets and not enough concrete areas.

  5. Our house is at the top of the hill that leads down to the bay and also a very popular street for skateboarders. I really enjoy watching them practice. The kids are always respectful and most of them wear helmets. I even sweep the street in front of my house so that there won’t be anything that would cause them to make a spill.

    • I guess I speak for every skateboarder out there when I say that you’re the perfect skateboarders neighbor! Sweeping the streets? Skateboarders LOVE people like you!

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