A Little Treat From Prague

I’m still on a partly blogging hiatus, but when I saw that the theme for the WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is treat, I couldn’t help myself and just had to publish this little treat: a photo gallery from my latest trip to Prague.

These point & shoots were all taken in the Sex Toy Museum in Prague – a highly commendable and interesting museum – definitely worth a visit! (Edit: It’s called the Sex Machines Museum, not Sex Toys Museum).

More stuff from Praha will be posted later, after my partly blogging hiatus is over. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Halloween to all my American readers!

29 thoughts on “A Little Treat From Prague

  1. I really hope this post makes it it the WordPress “photos we loved” roundup. It’s my top pick so far, and I doubt if anyone can top this.

    • Yes, every little girl should have one! Hehe, so much cooler than a doll house. Everybody loves a good whore house.
      The whore house was really fun and originally it was also mechanical: when turning a switch the whore house started playing music and the people inside began performing their various activities.
      Unfortunately the whore house is so old that the electricity was turned off, but there was a video of it in action.

  2. Reading your comment above, the whore house sounds really interesting. It literally comes alive, hehe! Good work on getting up and close there with your point and shoot. I’m sure there was no touching the whore house with your hands 🙂

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