The Changing Seasons: February 2018

February and it’s time for a new post for «The Changing Seasons».

Barcode, Oslo.

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The Changing Seasons: November 2017

The businesses have started Christmas. Twelve days of Christmas has turned into two months of shopping. It’s November again and temporary moustaches are back in fashion.

Narvesen, Spikersuppa.

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Pure & Untouched Ice = Bliss

For me a scenery like this is bliss: pure & untouched ice, nice weather and sharpened blades.

These photos are from an old post and another entry for #photo101. Soon the ice skating season is here again! To see the full gallery and video, visit the original post:


Ice Skating & Night Skating

Another reflection themed entry. The ice skating season has officially started – I opened it at Vannspeilet in Gamlebyen, Oslo on Sunday 02 December 2012. Also returned the following night to skate some more, but unfortunately it’s a bit dark. Here’s a bunch of photos and 2 videos from the 02 and 03 of December. Most of these are shot while skating, so they’re a bit clumsy.

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Perfect ice conditions in Gamlebyen, Oslo

Just want to inform people: the ice at Vannspeilet in Gamlebyen is perfect now! One of the buildings nearby has had a water leak, so the ice is smooth & perfect. I was lucky enough to be the first man on the ice!

So if you live in the area, bring your skates and come out to play!