Vålerenga – Stavanger Oilers

Went to see Vålerenga play against Stavanger Oilers tonight. Home team Vålerenga won 5 – 1.

18 thoughts on “Vålerenga – Stavanger Oilers

  1. Hockey is back again here in the States. My home team, The Pittsburgh Penguins won their first game and lost the second. But that’s Ok, they are back. Glad your team won. Great action photos.


  2. I love ice-hockey – not that I get to watch any anymore. But many years ago when I lived in Canada I played for the local ladies village team. It was hilarious, and I can tell you a hockey stick is a great aid to
    keeping you upright if you’re not a fantastic skater! Great shots CG, and brings back great memories! 🙂

  3. I am not familiar but I do really wonder what the A with the little circle over it sounds like : )

  4. If your home team is in the white and blue, it’s impressive that they use the same colours as Gretzky’s old team the Edmonton Oilers.

  5. Ice-hokey is very popular in my town too… and I live just at 2 min distance from Sports Hall, so I can hear them all the time 😉 Great photos, CG!

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