Photography… It’s a passion of mine – hence I take a lot of photos. Here’s a large and random collection of photos that you can find in this blog:  

Model: Monika

Model: Monika


Model: Pamela

Photography as political medium / political commentary

Photography as political medium / political commentary

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

The flat, white building on the left is Oslo Opera House. Photo:

The flat, white building on the left is Oslo Opera House. Photo:



November: Eerie

Model: Pamela | Photo:

I loved you like a man loves a woman he never touches, only writes to, keeps little photographs of. ― Charles Bukowski, Love is a Dog from Hell

Here’s a list of some categories that I’ve used to separate my photos:
Animals & plants | Architecture | Art photos | Black & White | Cityscape | Drinks & Food | Landscape | Low-light photography | Mannequins | News photos | Night shots | People | Photography tips | Photoshop | Portraits | Religious/Superstitious | Sports & Activities | Street Photography | Tattoos | Tutorials | Uncategorized photos | Vehicles | Weekly Photo Challenge | Weekly Photo Challenge 2011 | Weekly Photo Challenge 2012

25 thoughts on “Photography

  1. The Charles Bukowski quote is great, I can not ignore your second shot. But the third and fourth in the above series are really something!

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  3. Akerselva is such a beautiful place and you’ve captured the beauty so well! Love the last photo with your shadow on the boat. Stunning! 😀

  4. You’re a fantastic photographer with great sense of aesthetics and sensitivity. The addition of Charles Bukowski, Love is a Dog from Hell – perfect.

    • Thanks for your kind words Lucile. I love Charles Bukowski. One summer I sat down and read everything I could get my hands on that was written by him. I even named my secondary blog ( after a quote by him: “Great art is horseshit, buy tacos”.

      • By the way, do you happen to have an opinion or preference for a good quality compact camera which is almost giving DSLR quality?
        I do race biking and make loads of photos; i need a lightweight one.
        I use my iphone only.
        Someone recommended canon GX7. Any ideas? Thanks.

        • It depends on the price range of course, but I think that several of the new mirrorless cameras (micro four third cameras) looks interesting. With the mirrorless cameras you kind of get the benefit of both worlds: they’re light weight and compact, but still flexible with changeable lenses and manual zoom.
          For me an important factor to consider would be if the camera can shoot RAW files or if it only shoots JPEG. I enjoy post-processing and working on my photos after shooting, so I’d definitely choose a camera that shoots both RAW & JPEG.
          Here are some interesting cameras that’s on the market now (with different price ranges and qualities):
          Nikon 1 AW1
          Panasonic GM1
          Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
          Sony NEX-3N
          Canon EOS M

          Personally I would get a camera with a viewfinder, but that’s just a matter of taste and preferences.

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