Besseggen Hike

Shot this earlier today. Hiking at Besseggen in Jotunheimen, Norway.

Also trying out how WordPress works with my new phone. 

13 thoughts on “Besseggen Hike

    • Thanks for letting me know Lucile. I’ll write a proper post once I’m back on my stationary. I was thinking about sharing my thoughts on mobile posting and I’ll definitely add your experience to the post.

        • I checked it out now: the photo is not visible in the WordPress reader via the phone, but if I open the blog in a phone browser, then it’s visible.
          That’s not good and definitely a con when it comes to mobile posting.

          • An absolute con. We both know that people don’t go through these steps, even if they love the post. They may not even know about this possibility.

  1. I see the photo just fine (it’s great, btw) …. but then again I’m not using the WP Reader, or my phone. I’m a neanderthal … I use my phone just as a phone 😉

    So what phone did you end up getting? I’m guessing it’s not a fruit 🙂

    • Not a fruit, that’s correct! I can’t have an overpriced fruit that becomes rotten in the Norwegian climate! 😀
      I have tons of things to say about phone posting and I’ll write a post about it one of these days (it’ll probably be published somewhere between the end of this week and the summer holidays 2023).

  2. Was going to tell you how this sort of didn’t show up until I clicked on the post, but I see that you’ve already had that conversation. I’ve not tried to post on my mobile ever. The hike looks really good though.

    • An excellent hike. Really nice area with plenty of hiking options to choose from: everything from easy dirt roads, to technical hikes and mountain climbing. I’ll definitely return there to hike some other trails and mountains! Loved it!

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