Jerusalem Street Photo

Street portrait. Jerusalem, February 2019.

Hasidic jews at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.


The Changing Seasons: April 2017

One Norwegian poet once said: «Jeg velger meg April (I choose April).» Well, April is here and so is «The Changing Seasons».

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Chatuchak Park Gym

Office buildings nearby Chatuchak.

Bangkok, Thailand: In Chatuchak (Jatujak) Park, vis-a-vis the JJ Green Market, there’s an outdoor gym. As luck would have it, I passed by when I was on my way to see my friend Natcha in her shop Bubblebrain Tattoo’n’art that’s located in JJ Green.

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Street Portraits of Two Young Girls

I’ve posted a B&W portrait of these two young girls before, but I thought I’d share this colorful gallery too. Enjoy these street portraits:

Here’s the previously posted B&W portrait:

Street Portraits of Gunn

Gunn had some awesome tattoos, so I asked her if I could shoot some photos of her and post them in my blog. She obvisouly agreed. Gunn is from a Norwegian city called Trondheim and if I remember correctly, she got her ink at Purple Pain Tattoo. I believe that she also mentioned Flaming Heart Tattoo, but I’m not 100% sure about that (I didn’t write any of the info down).
Edit: Gunn stopped by the blog and gave me the correct name of the second tattoo studio: The right arm is done by Roger and Izzy at Lowlife Tattoo in Trondheim. Both studios are located in/around Trondheim.

Thanks for being sporty and letting me shoot your portraits Gunn!

WPC: Broken / Five Stories

Romafolkets Liv

Broken Nail Polish

Five photos / five stories Black and White Challenge:
A beautiful young Gypsie woman approached me on the street. The nail polish on her fingers was broken. Worn off. She wanted me to buy a magazine.
I told her that I wasn’t interested in buying the magazine and added:
“You’re beautiful.”
“Thank you”, she replied.
Then she wanted me to give her money anyway. 100 kroner.
“I don’t have cash”, I said.
She pointed at a nearby bank and wanted me to go there.
“I just gave you a compliment, but you won’t get any money”, I told her.    street5230257bw

  • Miz Rocket challenged me to a five photos / five stories black and white challenge. This has been the second out of five posts.
  • These are the rules of this challenge:
    1) To post a black & white photo every day for 5 days.
    2) To write a story to accompany your photo for 5 days (this can be fiction or non-fiction, a page, a paragraph or a poem).
    3) To nominate a different person each day.


  • I’m not a big fan of rules, so I made my own interpretation to fit me:
  • 1) I’ll post 5 black & white photos in 5 different posts (on any random day and I might post other stuff in between those 5 posts).
    2) I’ll let some text accompany these 5 shots (but it might be a quote or a poem written by someone else if I don’t feel like sharing anything).
    3) I’ll nominate a different person each day. This will probably be some random who’s not actively following the blog. (We all have blog followers that you never see around, so I’m thinking that this can be a good way of interacting with them).

My first nomination was Nia (see my previous post – A Portrait of Tore). Right now I’m too tired to come up with a nominee, but I’ll probably update this post tomorrow and find someone.
This post is also my entry for WPC this week:

Edit/update: I’ve decide to challenge to join the 5 photos/5 stories challenge. Tvortravels is unapologetically a tourist who loves to take photos and enjoy writing about her travels. You see her latest post here: