Skateboarding @ Rådhuset

Between the 7th of September 1978 and the 9th of May 1989, skateboarding was totally banned in Norway. At that time, Norway was the only country in the world where it was forbidden to sell, buy or ride on skateboards. Today, a popular place to skateboard is outside Oslo City Hall, where these photos were taken.

Oslo City Hall (Norwegian: Oslo rådhus) houses the city council, city administration, and art studios and galleries. The construction started in 1931, but was paused by the outbreak of World War II, before the official inauguration in 1950. Its characteristic architecture, artworks and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, held on 10 December, makes it one of Oslo’s most famous buildings. – Wikipedia

I used to skateboard in my early teens, but gradually replaced it with playing in a band and eventually downhill biking (which gives you more of an adrenaline rush).
the photos is the gallery were shot in March, while I was shooting for the monthly challenge: «The Changing Seasons». Today, when I’m posting this, it’s Saturday morning and I’m just about to head downtown to hopefully capture some shots for the April part of the challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone!


A day in Oslo – part 3

Here’s the last post in the series. If you think it’s too much, don’t blame me! It all started with Sara Rosso over at the She asked us to take a photo and post it on the same day. This led me onto my bicycle, armed with my camera, shooting away at everything and nothing. All in all 3 posts. I’ve already posted a bunch of photos in the two previous posts, and this is the third and last. I’ve also thrown in a YouTube clip to showcase some of the diversity of the Music festival that was held in Oslo on Saturday the 2nd of June.

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