My Largest Print So Far


I printed this panoramic photo of the Oslo Opera House as a gift to a relative. The measures are 40×120 cm. That would be approximately 16×47 inches using the idiotic system (it’ll actually make more sense to use nautical miles instead of the imperial system. In nautical miles the photo measures 0.000215983 X 0.000647948). It’s my largest print so far and I’m pleased with the result. It was printed on an aluminium plate (No! Not aluminum, but aluminium).

Apropos metric system, here’s something from The Oatmeal:

31 thoughts on “My Largest Print So Far

  1. Ahahahah!
    Your humour is most appreciated…

    The panoramic photo is superlative , you sure must be very proud about the result!

    • I’m glad you like my humor and photo 😀
      I’m very pleased with the result of the print and I’ll definitely be printing more large scale photos later.

  2. Oioi! Det var veldig kult da! Blir nok noe helt annet når du får det så stort, innbiller jeg meg – har ikke printet noen bilder i slike imponerende format… Men ser frem til å gjøre det. Looking fantastic!

  3. I love printing big. It’s costly but the results lead to the greatest visual impact everytime, and when I market well enough, the big prints sell.

    Canada has been metric for decades but because the US still relies heavily on Imperial, and they have such a huge impact on our economy many things here are still dealt with in Imperial measurements. Sometimes it can cause confusion if your talking about dimensions, temperatures and weights and the two of you haven’t gotten on the same page as to which system of measurement to use.

    • I haven’t tried to sell any prints, but it could have been fun to make some prints for sale.
      The imperial system is confusing in itself, it would have been less confusing if it was based on logic.

  4. this was a most difficult task when Canada did it.My parents did imperial and I had learned imperial. Canada didn’t change over till mid 70’s. or thereabout and people still talk feet and yards as other poster says. Along with the looneys and toonies, new flags etc and then changing the words to “Oh Canada!” it’s no wonder we are confused- but we did say No to George Bush!! Canada prevails!! and tries to mush ahead with the times.
    Beautiful print!!

    • New flag, new measurements, new words to the National Anthem… I can understand that it must have created some confusion. Good to hear that your mushing ahead! 😀

    • None of the systems are more accurate than the other, they’re just different scales of measuring.
      For accuracy both systems rely on decimals.
      The major difference is that there’s logic in the Metric system. A lot of things have been around for a long time, but when science finds better solutions, the old ones are replaced – that’s the whole idea of cumulative research.
      In medical science pulling out teeth without anesthesia has been around for a lot longer than the modern version, but still I assume most people prefer doing it the modern way.

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  6. it looks fantastic printed 🙂 what a great gift!!
    so you took part in building the opera, wow 🙂 I’ve always wondered what you do, thought you are an artist… something creative by all means 🙂

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