Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 12

December is here and 2015 is soon coming to an end. As usual I’ll show you some photos from last month for «The Changing Seasons»-challenge.

Night photography: construction site.

Night photography: construction site.



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The Barcode – Night Photo from Ekebergåsen

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Busy days lately. Been spending time at the gym every day (except Thursday). Have a great weekend everyone!

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Barcode Nightscape

On the edge of the Oslo Fjord you’ll find the Barcode area. I went there on Monday night to eat at one of the new restaurants and to take some new photos of the area.

In these two shots I’ve played with different looks: one outrageous, almost HDR looking photo. The other a bit more toned down, but still sparkling. Personally I prefer the slightly toned down version, but I know that a lot of people like pictures that are highly saturated. Especially when it comes to night photography.



The theme for #photo101 today is Edge.

If you want to find out more about the Barcode area, you ‘ll find info on Wikipedia about the style and the controversies:

Some are enthusiastic about the fresh architecture, the “champagne apartments,” and the unmatched opportunity to reshape the urban landscape and relieve pressure on a rapidly growing city without diminishing existing green space. However, there has been widespread criticism of the heights and designs of the Barcode buildings, both from architects and from citizens of Oslo. The Barcode has been described as a barrier between the fjord and the rest of the city that will destroy Oslo’s character as an open, low-rise city with a lot of green space and cast a permanent shadow on adjacent neighborhoods for the benefit of a rich few. (Source:


Night Church

Another photo that I’ve saved as draft. This one is from Açores, São Miguel, Portugal – a beautiful island in the archipelago Açores:

Azorean Islands, Açores, São Miguel, cityscape, long exposure, nightscape, Portugal

Azorean Islands, Açores, São Miguel, cityscape, long exposure, nightscape, Portugal

More churches here:

Moon, train and light trails

Captured these trains passing by the other night.

Light trails from two trains passing by.

Light trails from 3 trains passing by.

I like shooting long-exposure photos and capture light trails like this. The autumn has started and this is the perfect season for this kind of photography, because I don’t have to stay up all night (or get up in the middle of the night) in order to catch the perfect light (or shall I say darkness?) conditions.