Tjuvholmen Sunset

Sunset seen from Tjuvholmen, Oslo.

Sunset seen from Tjuvholmen, Oslo.

This HDR panorama is my entry to:

Edit: It’s 18 photos processed as HDR, then I created a panorama out of the 6 HDR photos.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017


34 thoughts on “Tjuvholmen Sunset

    • Thanks Mabel. It’s a combination of 18 photos that I processed as HDR, then created a panorama out of the 6 remaining photos. I updated the post with this info, plus it’s also possible to click the image now to see a large version.

      • Will look forward to it Max. So nice to be standing there.
        Am thinking about what my focus will be again for this year too, for CS.. am back and forth between 2 places again this year.

          • Oh cool! Perhaps Ive been thinking literally about places instead of my own changing seasons. Ooh, a new perspective. Love that – thanks

  1. a beautiful view, and a brilliant seamless panoramic composition. i checked out the full-size view, and it is very striking. thanks for sharing. one day i shall have to attempt a panorama scene as well,

    • Thanks for checking out the full-size. You should definitely attempt a panorama and don’t listen to all the photographers that say you’ll need a tripod for it: this was shot handheld (with the camera held vertical).

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