The Changing Seasons: October 2016

Autumn has definitely arrived. Colorful leaves on the trees and the ground. Rainy days, cold, chilly, then suddenly a couple of “warm” and sunny days. It’s a beautiful season, but at the same time it means that winter is coming.

Here’s my gallery this month: a couple of the photos are from the last days of September, but most of them from the beginning of October.

V2: My Version 2 this month

In 2012 I shot a photo of Akerselva (Aker River) one early morning. Yesterday I went there again to re-shoot the area, not only that particular place, but several spots along the river. You can never fully recreate a photo and get the same result, because it’s too many random things that you have no control over, but it’s still fun to re-shoot places and compare the shots afterwards. In 2012 I was there early in the morning, yesterday in the afternoon, so obviously the light was different, but also the foliage. Different cameras and optics were used in the two shots.
I’ve added the original photo for comparison.

All the photos from yesterday’s photo-walk is uploaded to my Flickr account, so make sure to check out the gallery there.
Here’s another one for comparison, it was taken next to Hønse Lovisas Hus:

There’s a lot of Akerselva photos in the Flickr gallery, plus some videos from the opening of the local skate park.

What’s this «Changing Seasons» blogging challenge?

«The Changing Seasons 2016» is a blogging challenge with two versions: the original (V1) which is purely photographic and the new version (V2) where you can allow yourself to be more artistic and post a painting, a recipe, a digital manipulation, or simply just one photo that you think represents the month. Anyone with a blog can join this challenge and it’ll run throughout 2017.
It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t join the first month(s), late-comers are welcomed.
These are the rules, but they’re not written in stone – you can always improvise, mix & match to suit your own liking:

These are the rules for Version 1 (The Changing Seasons V1):

  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
  • Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery.
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

These are the rules for Version 2 (The Changing Seasons V2):

    • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
    • Each month, post one photo (recipe, painting, drawing, whatever) that represents your interpretation of the month.
    • Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!


Links to participants:


I shot these on a Sunday walk two weeks ago. It’s Alnaelva (Alna River) in Oslo. It was a cloudy day and I used my surroundings to support the camera,  so that I could take long exposure shots and get the soft effect on the water. I could have used my tripod, but I didn’t bring it because I didn’t want to carry it around.

Using the surroundings (a fence, a fallen down tree and such things) to support the camera is cheap and easy for those of you who don’t have a tripod, or if you’ve left the tripod at home. The theme for #photo101 today is Landscape.

A trip to Ålesund, Norway


Panoramic view of Ålesund

It’s been quiet in this blog lately. I had to finish up a whole lot of stuff at work before I could start my vacation and then we had a family member for a visit. We rented a car and drove to Ålesund – a city in the North Western part of Norway. It was a very long drive, but the city and the area was beautiful & spectacular, so it was worth it!

I hope you’re all having a great summer! More photos from Ålesund and the surrounding area will be posted later.


Mountains near Trollstigen.


Akerselva, Oslo

Akerselva (the Aker River) in Oslo divides the city.

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

The river divides the city and it’s about 8.2 kilometres long, and has a difference in altitude of approximately 149 meters.

The Old Norse name of the river was Frysja, and this old name has been revived as the name of a neighborhood along the river. The name is probably derived from the verb frusa ‘froth’, referring to the many waterfalls in the river. The river is mentioned several times in Sverris saga
Check Wikipedia for more info on Sverris saga:

She comes in colors everywhere…

Earlier I wrote a comment where I mentioned that I’d finally managed to capture the rainbow this summer. Paula and Jeff asked me if they could see the result and I promised them that I would post it later on. 

Finally I managed to capture the rainbow this summer.

Finally I managed to capture the rainbow this summer.

Well, now it’s ‘later on’ and this is the result of me chasing the rainbow this summer.  Feel free to check out Paula’s blog:
You can find Jeff’s blog here:

I’ve also posted another rainbow photo here: In the mist of the waterfall

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Cold Water

Winter is slowly returning to the Northern Hemisphere: the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker and some of the birds have started to wonder if “this might be a good time to go on that early family adventure down south?”. So, today I wanted to share this photo of water in most of its forms, which is (obviously) captured during winter:

One kind word can warm three winter months.
– Japanese proverb