Lake on the way to Preikestolen

Norway: Growing up I heard so much about this country. At school we learned about its history, traditions and language. We even ate Norwegian food at home. Finally I got to visit this beautiful country…

A small lake on the way to Preikestolen.

A small lake on the way to Preikestolen.

24 thoughts on “Lake on the way to Preikestolen

  1. Beautiful panorama, C. Sky is water and water is sky. Amazing cloud cover, amazing reflections. Well done and love following along on your IG 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Miss Mabel. I should have had a little bit more sky and less water in this shot, but it’s too late now…
      IG, that’s where the action is. 😀

      • Not really too late. I suppose if you play around in post-processing, you can rotate, transfer and translate some of that water to become the sky. It sounds challenging, but hey, maybe it can really be done 😉

      • Sweden. I was fifty when I moved away from there, so nothing can change that, even if Canada is my adopted home right now. Canada is so immensely big — I live here on the east coast, and thinking about the west coast is like a whole different world. I’ve travelled very little here …

  2. It’s always a hard decision about how much sky vs how much reflection to show. I’m not sure there’s a right or wrong way, only the way we like vs the way we like less. I like what you’ve done very much.

  3. Just checking out to see if my comment will end in the spam box. Just noticed your hit and run thing on the right. You have been doing some of it on my blog recently too.

      • I’ve decided some time ago that I don’t have time to comment on blogs whose bloggers don’t comment on mine. Having too much on my plate already.

        • I’ve commented on almost all your latest posts…


          Didn’t comment:

          I think that’s a pretty decent “comment score”.

          • I know and I am thankful, and appreciate this list here too. I’m having a hard time using my computer at home, at work too, but I have no choice.

        • I totally understand the “too much on the plate” argument. You shouldn’t feel bad about it though.
          I also try to comment in the blogs of those who comment in mine, but I must admit that lately I haven’t had the time to follow up on all of them.
          Especially this autumn, after my vacation, has been extremely hectic: alone at work and then after work it’s kid time, gym, plus all the house chores that needs to be done. On top of that there’s photo editing and keeping up with “online-life”.
          We can’t make it all Paula – there’s just not enough hours. 🙂

      • Thank you. Yesterday all comments on all blogs written by me went to spam. I had to be up most of the night to try to resolve the issue by chatting with WP.

  4. You’ve made the comment about even eating Norwegian food at home a few times and it puzzles me. You live in Norway. I would assume you eat Norwegian food … however I suspect there is something more in that comment that I don’t understand.

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