A trip to Ålesund, Norway


Panoramic view of Ålesund

It’s been quiet in this blog lately. I had to finish up a whole lot of stuff at work before I could start my vacation and then we had a family member for a visit. We rented a car and drove to Ålesund – a city in the North Western part of Norway. It was a very long drive, but the city and the area was beautiful & spectacular, so it was worth it!

I hope you’re all having a great summer! More photos from Ålesund and the surrounding area will be posted later.


Mountains near Trollstigen.


32 thoughts on “A trip to Ålesund, Norway

  1. Oh, it looks beautiful, CG; I particularly loved the third photo – very evocative and magical.

    • Thank you. The river was quite large: loud & proud. I’ll definitely visit this area again!
      (P.S. I updated the post now so you can see the photos in full size).

  2. And now I have the answer to my question 🙂 So you are already on vacation. 🙂 These panoramic photos are stunning, but I fond of the portrait photo of brook as well. Great stuff, Max. Did you do panorama stitching?

  3. P.S. I clicked on “Bollocks”, but I forgot my Twitter password. I crack up every time when I see your Pope impression 😆

    • Hehe, I’d forgotten that I had that picture there 🙂 I can understand how you’ve forgotten the password. I don’t log into Bollocks so often either. Normally when there’s quiet times at work, but quiet times at work seems to be harder and harder to come by…

  4. I am suprised that I don’t see this area as being overly photographed as other locations around the world have been. What truly remarkable landscape. I can see tremendous photographic opportunity there, and these are very impressive, well balanced shots.

    • Thank you Allen. There’s a lot of tourists in the area, so the photos are definitely being shot. There’s a very popular mountain road there called Trollstigen. I’ll post some photos in the next post.

    • Thank you Senõr. No, we didn’t camp. Unfortunately my wife and mother in law aren’t into camping, so we stayed at a hotel in Ålesund. If I traveled alone with my son, we could have gone camping and we would probably do the trip on bicycles instead of renting a car…

      I used a ND16 filter to slow the shutter speed and get a motion-blur effect on the water and I shot 3-shot bracketed and turned it into HDR: that way I didn’t lose the details of the surroundings.

      How’s life at Réunion?

  5. Glad to hear you were up to something good, Cardinal. That city and it’ greenery looks nothing short of stunning. Love the HDR effect in the third photo. Don’t think it’s overdone, but done just nice, well done.

    How did you take that panoramic shot? I struggle so much with those. Me and my shaky hands.

    • Thank you Mabel. It’s not often that I’m up to something good 😀
      I shot handheld with the camera in a vertical position. If you’re having trouble with shaky hands, you can always use a monopod or a tripod. Or just take advantage of the surroundings: often there’s something to rest the camera on.

      • Good to hear that. If not I would be thinking you were up to some mischief trying to take over the world.

        I usually take pano shots with my phone but have never been a fan of the quality. So thanks for the tip, I will experiment with a bigger camera now 🙂

  6. I love the panorama shot. Norway has always been a place I’d love to visit and these photos strengthen the dream.

  7. The third one is outstanding Cardinal, wonderful deep tones and details, am not such a fan of HDR but it works great in landscapes and a certain light which is captured so beautifully… have a great day.

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