I shot these on a Sunday walk two weeks ago. It’s Alnaelva (Alna River) in Oslo. It was a cloudy day and I used my surroundings to support the camera,  so that I could take long exposure shots and get the soft effect on the water. I could have used my tripod, but I didn’t bring it because I didn’t want to carry it around.

Using the surroundings (a fence, a fallen down tree and such things) to support the camera is cheap and easy for those of you who don’t have a tripod, or if you’ve left the tripod at home. The theme for #photo101 today is Landscape.

34 thoughts on “Alnaelva

  1. Lovely water effects 🙂 My father is a keen photographer and i have seen him use a small bean bag to support his camera on a rough wall or tree branch.

  2. Being restricted by gear it is always important to find a way to capture what you had in mind. It leads to creativity! Good for you to go for a longer shutter speed anyway 🙂 Lovely photos!

    Have a happy Friday and great weekend!

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks Tieme. I left my tripod home that day intentionally since I knew that I’d find something by the river to rest my camera on. Like you mentioned in one of your latest posts, it can be a pain to drag the equipment around. (btw: just had a quick look at your blog and I loved it).
      I wish you a happy weekend and a great Friday too!

      • Yeah carrying around too much gear isn’t relaxing 😉 Thank you so much for looking at my blog! Thank you very much!

        Cheers ,

  3. I always carry a mini-table tripod with me; it’s even better than a bean bag and a lot less weight than a full-size tripod. The added benefit is that the Tripod Police don’t take me seriously and I have yet to be challenged with it.

  4. Great selection of photos, love the first one with the cascading water to the side. I’m leaning more and more to using my tripod and want to try more landscapes although I do struggle with them…

  5. Very nice! Came out well without a tripod.

    I took some waterfall last time in Sweden, and did the same thing. Certainly didn’t lug a tripod across the Atlantic ocean LOL

    • Thank you Paula. I like the last one too, but I’ve shot a similar photo before, so in this gallery my favorite is the B&W where the bridge is disappearing in the background.

  6. there are all so beautiful, Cardinal… I particularly like the second one, with the remains of a wall and a window… for some reason reminded me of that ancient Greek saying “everything flows”….

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