Early Morning in Delhi, India


This photo was shot one early morning at «Hotel Yes, Please» in Delhi, India. Shot with film on a point&shoot camera, then scanned.

My friend over at Knowallsbox recently visited the derby in Calcutta. You can check out his post from the derby and mine from the Delhi derby, plus some more of my India related posts here:

Early Morning | Chianni Italia

These photos were shot in, or near, Chianni, Italy. «Chianni is a commune (municipality) in the Province of Pisa in the Italian region Tuscany, located about 60 kilometres southwest of Florence and about 35 kilometres southeast of Pisa. Its territory includes vast chestnut woods and cultivation of vine and olive trees.» (Wikipedia).
Two of these are night shots, the other five were shot in the early morning hours:


And from other news: I just realized that it’s already the 5th of October today and that I have to prepare photos for the next changing seasons challenge that’ll be online in two days… People often say that: “time flies when you’re having fun”, but time flies when you’re just doing mundane tasks like going to work etc. too.

Autumn Morning City Sunrise

With a little bit of “I don’t care”-attitude and a slight tilting of your head, this photo is perfectly leveled.


Tilted? I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about…

Another entry for Lucile’s photo rehab.

Akerselva, Oslo

Akerselva (the Aker River) in Oslo divides the city.

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

The river divides the city and it’s about 8.2 kilometres long, and has a difference in altitude of approximately 149 meters.

The Old Norse name of the river was Frysja, and this old name has been revived as the name of a neighborhood along the river. The name is probably derived from the verb frusa ‘froth’, referring to the many waterfalls in the river. The river is mentioned several times in Sverris saga
Check Wikipedia for more info on Sverris saga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sverris_saga