She comes in colors everywhere…

Earlier I wrote a comment where I mentioned that I’d finally managed to capture the rainbow this summer. Paula and Jeff asked me if they could see the result and I promised them that I would post it later on. 

Finally I managed to capture the rainbow this summer.

Finally I managed to capture the rainbow this summer.

Well, now it’s ‘later on’ and this is the result of me chasing the rainbow this summer.  Feel free to check out Paula’s blog:
You can find Jeff’s blog here:

I’ve also posted another rainbow photo here: In the mist of the waterfall

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23 thoughts on “She comes in colors everywhere…

    • Thanks Angeline. Actually the photo isn’t quite finished yet, there’s still some stuff that I need to improve, but those details aren’t easily visible in this version (the original is close to one meter in size).

  1. Great song to use as a title for a rare pic – nothing like working large to appreciate digital… Perhaps that is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

    • I’m glad that it didn’t take long before someone cracked my “title-code”. The title of the post is (as you already know) a phrase taken from the Rolling Stones song: «She’s like a rainbow».
      According to Norse Mythology, a rainbow called the Bifröst Bridge connects the realms of Ásgard and Midgard – the homes of the gods and humans, respectively.
      Working in large formats is always fun.

    • Thank you very much Richard.
      It’s a shame with the fence on the left side, it’s there to prevent people from falling into the water. They could have made ​​it a little lower and the photo would have been better.

  2. This is like heaven on earth, it truly is. A blessing unfolded before your eyes & you captured it beautifully 🙂 It could be a poster, or in a calendar…

  3. This is a gorgeous image CG. I love it! Catching a rainbow always feel special, but to have caught it above waterfall makes it even more so. Thank you for the mention… it feels great to have one’s blog link featured above such an inspiring photo. 🙂

    • Thanks Paula. It’s always nice to link to other bloggers, especially when it’s a link to a good blog 🙂 (in this case two good blogs).

      I wonder what has happened to the Weekly Photo Challenge this week? Has anyone seen it?

      • 🙂 Nope, we are still in the dark…. Anyway, I’ve finished my extra job today, and took my crazy pumpkins out for a walk to a meadow somewhere and came back with about 157 snaps… who needs WPC- right? Jake has posted the Sunday Post Challenge (favorite spot) – why don’t you join?

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