Night photo of Warsaw

Night photo of Warsaw.

Night photo of Warsaw.

For Leanne Cole’s «Monochrome Madness».

Here’s a colored version that I posted on Flickr:



Night Shots From Bangkok 4:4

The continuation of the continuation of the continuation of random night shots from Bangkok.

You might have seen some of these before too (back in 2015), but these are re-edited.

That’s it for night shots from Bangkok for now.

Night Shots From Bangkok 2:4

The continuation of random night shots from Bangkok.

I think the curves in the red car looks nice in this night shot. Make sure to check out and follow my official Instagram for more photos: @cguzmanofficial

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016. (Click the image above to see more WPC posts in this blog). 

Night Shots From Bangkok 1:4

Some night shots, street photography, a portrait of Rogue Seraphim, plus some photos from a shop in Bangkok. Random Bangkok stuff.

It has been hectic lately, so I haven’t blogged much. Hope you’re all having a great time and that you enjoyed my little gallery from Bangkok.
I’m glad to say that I’ll be returning to Bangkok in 2017.


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Thursday’s Special

Thursday’s Special