WPC: Minimalist – Cirka Loka HalLokween

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is «Minimalist». Last weekend I was the photographer at an event: «Cirka Loka HalLokween Party 2014». These two shots are from that event and the only ones that could fit under the category minimalist. It was a fun and interesting experience to be the photographer at…


Gamlebyen & Trains

More photos from Gamlebyen: I enjoy shooting in the morning, during sunset and in the night time. That’s when the lights are best. Daily Prompt: I originally created this post as a response to a discussion over at Leanne Cole’s blog, where the theme was “trying the same again” and we were talking about…

Then I placed the photo of the woman on top and made a selection to remove the parts I didn't want.

Recreate the Bokeh Effect

Tutorial: Recreate the bokeh effect using Photoshop Half a decade ago we went on an evening walk where we shot some photos.  Unfortunately a lot of the pictures are out of focus and/or the exposure is wrong. The camera I used at the time was good, but not good enough: for example the view screen…

Akerselva is beautiful during autumn.

Akerselva, Oslo

Akerselva (the Aker River) in Oslo divides the city. The river divides the city and it’s about 8.2 kilometres long, and has a difference in altitude of approximately 149 meters. The Old Norse name of the river was Frysja, and this old name has been revived as the name of a neighborhood along the river.…


Winter Weather

Here’s another winter photo. This one is more romantic than the previous ones (a bit over the top actually). I don’t have many wise things to say about romance, so I’ll let Squirrel Nut Zippers provide the words & music to accompany this picture.


Oslo Opera by Night

Two days ago I posted a bunch of photos shot on a foggy day around the Opera House in Oslo. None of these shoots had an abundance of favourable light, but low-light photography can open for interesting possibilities that you wouldn’t have under conventionally perfect lighting conditions. Night-time photography can also  produce interesting results, but…


Early morning Jerusalem – photos

Jerusalem – the capital of Israel – is situated in the central part of the mountain range of Israel. This city has been habited as early as  the fourth millennium B.C.E, much because of its comparatively low environments, with easy passages eastwards and westwards, and a spring which provides abundant water all year round.