The Drowning Man

Here’s a link to a related post (A Chain of Flowers), but what’s the connection?
What can be the connection between this icy, cold, winter landscape and a flowery summer girl?

I’d love to hear your suggestion (or other comments) in the comment field, but please don’t use google or other search engines to find the answer to this little riddle 🙂
EDIT. Here’s the next hint: A frozen river, a beautiful girl, & now this dog?

12 thoughts on “The Drowning Man

    • That’s a very creative suggestion, but it’s not correct (what can you expect after just 1/2 cup of coffee? I’m normally useless before I’ve had both coffee & breakfast).

  1. Those pics take me back to my days living in the Rockies in British Columbia many years ago. Ice-cold winters and wonderful stillness. Beautiful.

  2. No clue about the connection, but though I am tempted, I won’t use Google.

    As an aside, I love the song. I’m guessing you’ve heard it. too. 🙂

    Oh, and what gorgeous landscape! You really do visit the most awe-inspiring places.

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