Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 03

Another month has passed and it passed quickly (February is short). I took the time to shoot some photos from Oslo for this monthly photo challenge called “The Changing Seasons”. If you want to join the challenge it’s not too late yet. You can read about the few rules in the first post: Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 01

The idea behind it is to get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun. If you do post something, please leave a link to your blog in this post.

The photos in my gallery were shot on different days in February and with two different cameras (DSLR and pocket camera).

I’m looking forward to see your entries!

Last month the link section was a bit unorganized and for some reason I didn’t get all the pingbacks (sometimes WordPress’ pingback function doesn’t work properly – I don’t know why), so there was 4 of you that “went under the radar”. Luckily I discovered those 4 when preparing this a few days ago and I added the links to the post.

Check out the participants entries: 


99 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 03

  1. I meant to say which ones I liked best then by the time I got to the bottom I had got distracted by another photo and forgotten. I love the collection there seemed to be something different in subject matter this time. The first photo had that vintage look which I love. The morning harbour was serene and the one inbetween the lampshades towards the end reminded me of some French movie but I’ve no idea which one lol darn it! Wonderful photos as always x

    • The snow has disappeared, but it normally has a comeback in March/April so I’m not hoping for the spring to arrive just yet. This weekend the temperatures are +8° Celsius and there’s strong winds.
      The 7th came quickly this month. So quickly that it almost took me by surprise! On the 4th I was like: “Shit, I have to finish my post during the next couple of days!”
      Thanks for your entry Klara!

  2. These are fabulous. I can’t even pick a favourite. I love the pink skies, just gorgeous. I went out today to do mine, will post in the next few days. Great work Cardinal!!

  3. Beautiful photos once again of your city. I really can’t tell which photos you took using your DSLR and point-and-shoot. I’m guessing the sunrise was done with the pocket camera on the way to work…stunning colours. The last one has to be my favourite – looks similar to an European town, and the clouds give the illusion that there are mountains in the distance.

    By the way, I’m loving my point-and-shoot Canon G7X. It was fun to use at a recent concert, but today I went to the aquarium with it and it was a different story altogether 😀

    • You’re absolutely right about the sunrise photo: pocket camera on my way to work. That last one is shot in the afternoon and it is in fact a European town 🙂

    • Forgot to say: aquariums can be really tricky places to shoot: a lot of reflections, people here & there, fishes that just refuse to pose for the camera topped off with difficult light conditions.

      • You really do wield that point-and-shoot very well. Without a clear shot in low-light, sometimes post-processing can’t save it.

        At the aquarium the fishes were tiny and weren’t swimming near the glass at all. Zooms on point-and-shoots really don’t make photos turn out good, especially on this trip. Have a good week, Cardinal.

  4. Lovely collection of Pictures again! In Vienna, we also got rid of the snow. Although I suppose that it will come back once more before Easter. 🙂

  5. I will post some pictures later today. They are from different days and some of them were posted before but I hope that is not considered cheating 😉

  6. Absolutely brilliant and wish I could participate. It keeps snowing my in my little corner. 13 inches 2 days ago. Oh Spring, come soon! There’s a transition I want to see.

  7. I looked with envy at your pictures of the city with virtually no snow!! I’m insanely jealous 🙂
    Now that I know for sure I’m going to be in Oslo this summer, I found myself trying to pay very close attention to every little detail in each picture. I loved the harbour photos … there’s just something about water 🙂
    … and the beautiful pink sunrises!

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  9. Another great collection of shots! I just ventured out today to take my own shots for the third shot at this challenge, and this time managed to return to the venue for my first contribution…coming soon! Greta work again!

  10. Superb collection of shots. Oslo looks so stunning in your cameras. I would love to participate in this challenge from next month, once I have stacked up some good photos of city where I am staying currently 🙂

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      • I know how you feel :-/
        Mine’s up, but I see you already grabbed the pingback so you don’t need a link. Time to grab a coffee and wander through the rest of the contributors posts this afternoon [well, actually make that a POT of coffee and probably some sandwiches and cake too… there are a lot of them 😀 ]
        Jude xx

      • The market sells flowers and vegetables too! There are other farmer’s markets in town where rows of farmers sell their produce, but I think this one is more solitary. I have bought hanging flowers, tomato plants and fresh produce there. I’ll be paying better attention to their offerings this season!

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  16. Your photos are gorgeous!

    I love this idea and will absolutely jump in with an April selection of photos if it’s not too late! We will be moving to a new piece of property at the end of this month and I intend to document the changing seasons from a permaculture perspective as we embark on a new homesteading adventure 🙂 Doing so through journaling *and photos through this challenge would be so much fun!

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    • Thanks Stacy. I should have used my ND16 filter and a tripod to get a long exposure of the water, but I had my son with me and he’s not to fond of hanging around for too long while daddy is taking photos…

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  19. You’ve captured a VERY nice February in your gallery CG ! Such a dull and dismal month I find but lots of subtle *pop here 🙂 Can there be such a thing Lol I’m now wondering ….

  20. Wonderful images…most especially of the Stortorvet (‘The Grand Plaza’) — wow!

    I’ll post my photos shortly, and based on seeing the comments and some longing for spring to arrive, I hope the photos of gardens and what is already blooming in historic Monterey, California will at least put a smile one some faces.

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  28. Otra vez unas fotos preciosas. Me ha impresionado pensar que aunque la nieve se ha retirado en Oslo es solo de momento, que volverá de nuevo en primavera… Por aquí ya hemos tenido primavera unos días por las temperaturas y el sol radiante, aunque los últimos días tenemos otra vez bastante frío, incluso con heladas, y parece ser que va a durar un poco.
    Con lo agradable que era pasear con esas temperaturas¡¡¡
    Los árboles siguen su curso y ya están en primavera total.
    Esta es mi contribución este mes:

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  31. I’m somehow comforted knowing that we are not the only people in the world with snow still on the ground! Everyone is sending me pictures of their spring flowers and we are tracking snowstorms. Not giant blizzards, but not spring showers, either. Maybe next month we will have flowers!

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