Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 02

A month has passed already! As many of you already know, I decided to have a photo project going throughout 2015 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge without too many rules and on the 7th each month, I promised to be posting a gallery containing 10-20 pictures from Oslo’s city center.

The rules were simple and I’m very glad that a lot of you decided to join the challenge. If you haven’t joined, but feel like joining, it’s not too late. The idea behind it is to get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun. This way you’ll capture the changing seasons throughout the year. I could write more about this, but it’s easier if you check out the first post and read all about it there: Here’s my gallery with photos from downtown Oslo. These were all shot on the same snowy morning early in January. I’m looking forward to see your entries!


  • Find a location near your home. Each month take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog (I’ll post mine on the 7th).
  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons (this makes it very easy for others to follow the challenge using the WordPress reader if your blog is running in the WordPress platform).
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

Check out the participants blogs (those with full links have updated posts for this challenge):


Feel free to use this widget in your blog if you like.

EDIT: I’m in the process of moving to another apartment, so I’ll be slow when it comes to replying to comments and visiting posts.   


118 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 02

  1. These are wonderful to see! My relationship with snow is one only by others photographs. I live in LA and we aren’t getting enough rain to justify a snow base up in the local mountains. The last time I was “involved” in snow was about 7 years ago. Before that.. it was 2 decades ago! I definitely miss seasons, that’s for sure! ⛄️

  2. Love how you captured the snow falling down in some of them. Interesting shot of that man and the umbrella. But you got to do what you need to do to stay safe. Hope you didn’t get too cold or wet getting the shots. Beautiful.

    • I was pushing my son around in the stroller while taking these, and I got wet and cold. In the end my son started saying: “finished, finished”, so then we returned back home.

  3. I didn’t manage to take pictures in January but I am already starting to collect some for the february post 🙂 nice series you have here!

    • Wonderful diversity in your gallery Klara. You’re right: these are early morning shots. Saturday the 10th, before the city woke up. It’s really nice to hear that you were looking forward to February 07th!

  4. Fantastic, wonderfully atmospheric gallery, Cardinal. They make me want to visit. That final shot is just superb. The Oslo tourist board should pay you.

    • Haha, I wouldn’t mind the extra cash, but I doubt they’ll pay me. 🙂
      Desperately trying to catch up on a few comments today, but I still have a long way to go!
      If you’ll ever visit Oslo, let me know.

  5. I love the peaceful quality of a city still half asleep. The falling snow adds to the sleepy feeling … and yet the clock (with the runners in it) says it was 9:10. It would appear your hours of daylight in winter are even shorter than I thought.
    Beautiful photos 🙂

    • We don’t get a lot of daylight. These were shot on Saturday the 10th of January, before the shops open and the city comes to life. I like that period, when the city is quiet and sleepy.

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  11. Loved seeing your 2nd lot of images Max. Ive decided to watch with this one. Life got busy.
    What a beautiful morning this was.

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  20. Good morning Cardinal! Stunning gallery. Snow is so beautiful (only in photos)!
    Sorry I used the pingback of my post in the wrong place. I will correct it.
    PS. I guess you shot these pics in February, isn’t it? You wrote up there that you did it in January.

    • Hi Lucile. I shot them on the 10th of January, the February photos will be posted in March. My February shots will be spread on different days instead of just one like in this post.

      • Hi Cardinal! Now I got your schedule. Thanks. You started in December.
        I’ve been doing the current month.
        Hope you’re ok. Saw you’re going through major changes. Been there once! Keep strong, you’re going to be fine.
        Best wishes.
        PS. Planing summer vacs to Norway. Will ask for tips when you’re settled.

          • You’re so kind, Cardinal! I’m humbled by your generous offer.
            I’d love to accept but we’re traveling with many people. 9 in total, including 3 teens.
            I’ve been before to Oslo, Bergen and did the trip by boat to visit the Fjords. But they haven’t yet and I don’t mind as I can know more of it.
            We most likely will go by car. Initial idea is to go west, visit Fjords and nature. And also Oslo.
            If you have suggestions, please shoot.
            Again, heartfelt thanks. You’re very considerate. Really.
            And if you ever decide to visit Amsterdam, the offer is reciprocal.

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  22. I’m loving seeing Oslo through your lens. It looks so beautiful. Thanks again for giving us this challenge – I’m really enjoying being a part of it. Would you mind adding me to the list of participants when you get a moment?

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  28. This is such a lovely event cardinal because it also shows us so many dofferences from country to country with the variety of participants and where they live. For instance you with your snow, we’ve had none to speak of yet.

    Lovely photos giving me an insight to your part of the world. I hope the move is going smoothly xx

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  30. I am a nap start artist I have had several shows in atlanta georgia I like your publication great contact me perhaps we can work together

  31. yes I am an abstract artist I’ve been very successful I love you publications via quality Of the interviews and the writings by artist are wonderful I myself have had art shows in Atlanta game. I took a break and im going to start painting in May I would like to or us touch base who knows what thank you chuck

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