Waiting for Whatever

These photos are from a series I’ve named «The Punk Years». I’m not sure what we were waiting for, back when we were teens, but I guess it was for something to happen. Anything. Hopefully something cool and exciting.

At the docks… from «The Punk Years».

On this particular night there was a guy there on the docks. He was just lying there. Sleeping, or pretending to do so.
We didn’t know him, but I took a photo of him. I’m not sure why. Later on we saw a story about this guy on a “Missing persons / Unsolved crimes” series on TV.

We contacted the police, but the cops already knew, through investigation, that we had been in the area.
They asked us to come in for questioning. All four of us at the same time, but in different rooms and with different investigators. I guess they wanted to find out if we had anything to with his disappearance, if we murdered him or something. I don’t have the photo of the guy anymore. We gave it to the cops.

The guy had probably drowned himself. They never found him. So, even though it seemed like an uneventful night at the time, something did happen that night after all. Nothing cool, but sometimes things happen that aren’t cool and exciting. Just random life and death.

I might share more photos from «The Punk Years», plus some stories later at some point. I guess you’ll just have to keep on waiting

12 thoughts on “Waiting for Whatever

  1. If I wanted to be morbid, I’d say it’s a pretty cool story, since if the guy was dead, he certainly was cool. But I don’t want to be morbid. Still, the photos have such a chilling feel about them. Chilling as in spine-chilling. We’re still waiting for something. And it never happens.

  2. I once found a dead body in the parking lot of a condo I lived in. I called the cops. Back at work, they yelled at me for being late. So much for being a good citizen.

  3. Punk years indeed. Sitting around and not doing much. Sounds like quite an experience going to the police and being questioned. You never know if your alter-ego or your unknown twin could have done something terrible and framed you for it 😂

    • Actually it was quite interesting to be questioned. It gave us a small insight into questioning. We were asked about all kind of details: like what we had for dinner that day, which movie we had rented that same day and what it was about, etc, etc. A way to check if our stories matched I guess.

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