17 thoughts on “Petra | Jordan

  1. I’m amazed at how few people there are. When I went the place was packed out. But that was 2012. I’ve heard tourism has dropped off in recent years due to Isis. Like the previous people who commented, I prefer the colour. Petra is so vibrant. 🙂

    • I was there in 2009, so it’s a while ago. We also started early in the morning, went straight to the end (where this photo was taken) and then saw all the other stuff on the way back. The flood of tourists was on their way towards us by then.

      • Ah that explains the lack of people. I would have been in that flood of tourists going down when you were coming back up 🙂 It certainly is a magical place.

  2. Tend to agree with Janet. I like b&w architecture shots, but I think the colour version captures much more of the sense of the place.

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