Waiting for Whatever

These photos are from a series I’ve named «The Punk Years». I’m not sure what we were waiting for, back when we were teens, but I guess it was for something to happen. Anything. Hopefully something cool and exciting.

At the docks… from «The Punk Years».

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Life Always Has Two Sides

Usually I forget to, or don’t have the time to, participate in Stacy Fischer’s «One Photo Focus». This week I did manage to create something (well, actually I made this 2 weeks ago and scheduled the post) out of 3 bracketed shots that was provided by Benjamin Rowe. As always you can click the image to see a large version.

Cardinal Guzman: One Photo Focus, September 2015. A cooperation between Cardinal Guzman and Benjamin Rowe.

«Life always has two sides»: One Photo Focus, September 2015. An artistic cooperation between CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com and Benjamin Rowe.

Except for the photos from Ben, this composite image is also inspired by a t-shirt design by an unknown artist (the tree with the girl and the words “Life always has two sides” is taken from a t-shirt).
Created for Stacy Fischer’s “ABFriday One Photo Focus”. Composite image by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com.

Here’s the original photo:

Original photo by Benjamin Rowe

Original photo by Ben Rowe.


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