Oslo – A Village on Steroids

Oslo is a village on steroids and I’m looking forward to the rage roid…

Except for the panorama, all of these are shot from Ekebergåsen – a place where you have a nice view over the city. From here you can see Holmenkollen, The Barcode Area, the Opera House, the harbour, the city center and most of what Oslo has to offer.

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36 thoughts on “Oslo – A Village on Steroids

  1. There is something very dramatic about the photos, and it is not just the sky. Probably the busyness of the city is also a big part of that. Needless to say these are impressive shots!

    • Interesting question. It should have been like a pressure cooker, but Norwegians (Scandinavians) are too coward to stand up for themselves (or perhaps it is that they just don’t care…?). The situation is much worse in Sweden. There the fire department has asked for Kevlar equipment in order to perform their duties in the “no-go zones” (areas with a lot of immigrants).
      For now the welfare system in Norway is paying the immigrants enough to keep them quiet.
      For example in Alta, the social welfare budget for a single Norwegian is 13500, while for a single foreigner the same budget is 25000. For couples the same rates are 18000 vs 30000.
      How come an immigrant gets nearly double the amount? And why do Norwegians put up with it? After all, we’re financing this insanity.

        • Yes. The largest groups come from Poland & Sweden. They usually live here temporarily for work purposes, before they move back to their own countries. Then there’s large groups of muslims: Somali, Pakistani and Iraqi.

  2. Lovely shots. I love the way the alignment buildings leads the eye through the shot of the Barcode Area and Nordenga Bru. And thanks for introducing me (virtually) to Jo’s Monday Walks.

  3. Hello CG,

    Stunning shots, once again.
    If you’ve been to Finland can you give me your interpretation of Norway and Finland?
    The culture, environment, and economy.

    I’ve never been to either countries but somehow find them similar. Both are port based cities, I believe.
    What do you think?

    • I’ve never been to Finland, but it’s well-known that they enjoy alcohol – even more so than the Norwegians and Swedes. They are famous for their drinking!
      Their environment is similar to the Norwegian, but while we have a lot of fjords, they have a lot of lakes. Culturally their language is from another language group, but I beleive we have a lot in common on the cultural levels and also the structure of our societies (which is similar in all the Scandinavian/Nordic countries). Their capial, Helsinki, is by the sea, so you’re right that both Oslo and Helsinki are port based cities.

      • Thank you. That’s a perfect summary of both countries. Interestingly, I thought the language would be pretty much the same so as if to understand each other. Finnish infamous for their drinking?! I would think it’s a past time for most Europeans! I was married to a German, luckily his drinking was primarily social.

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