Buddha & Ganesha in Oslo

Unless you have kids, this is a place most people just pass by on a nearby trail on their way to/from work. Definitely a structure that is typically overlooked.


The Buddha heads and the little shrine isn’t really that visible from the trail, but it’s a popular place for kids to play during the summer, because there are also some water installations there. It’s in Klosterenga park in Gamlebyen, Oslo and the name of the place is «Den Flerkulturelle Plass» (the multicultural square).
I went there early this morning to light some candles for a friend. If you’re interested you can read about her in my previous post.


21 thoughts on “Buddha & Ganesha in Oslo

  1. These are such beautiful images Max. The stacked Buddha heads reminded me of a sculpture by a Cambodian artist whose family survived the Khmer regime; echoes of sadness and pain.

  2. That is beautiful. Such an inspiring place. All the pictures are great. Thanks for this post!

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