Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 Part 1

I had a lot of fun at the Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Hundreds of photos filled up my memory cards this weekend, so I’ll split them up in several posts. Here’s part one of my coverage from the convention.

The Titanic International Tattoo Convention is the best tattoo convention I’ve attended so far. Flying in from Oslo, Norway, to see and photograph this convention was a great experience. The organizers, the official photographer, the crew and all the artists were all super-friendly and welcoming. So, thanks a lot to Julian Carson, his family and his crew for organizing this amazing event, to John MC for being a cool guy, thanks to all the talented artists and for an epic after-party too!

Stay tuned for more coverage from this event and check out more tattoo related stuff like “The History of Tattoo” and photos from other tattoo conventions here:



16 thoughts on “Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 Part 1

  1. Beautiful shots all round from the convention, Cardinal. The tatooists look very eager to show off their work, but also seem like body art is a very normal thing. And rightfully so because that’s the way art is.

    Looks like your camera got a great workout. Great diversity of shots and subjects. You must have took multiple shots of different subjects judging from the gallery above and all turned out good 😀 They allowed bit cameras in? Wonderful work, C 🙂

    • Thanks Miss Mabel. My camera got a good workout, that’s for sure! Not only on this convention, but also my trip before that to the North of Norway and then afterwards to the West coast. I guess I ended up with a total of around 2500 photos during these three weeks: an eclectic mix of tattoos, artists at work, portraits, beautiful babes and magnificent landscapes.

      Luckily I could batch process most of the stuff from the convention, but it took me several days to tag all the photos with artists/studio names.

      This convention was fantastic (in so many ways): not only did they allow cameras, but the organizers welcomed me and even invited me to the after-party. The official photographer (John MC) was very including and gave me space to shoot when the contestants were on the podium: he’s probably the nicest photographer I’ve ever met.
      If I can, I’ll definitely return there next year!

      • Wow, what a summer doing what you love and spending it where you want. Sounds like a very good dream – one that was actually real 😀 2500 shots is quite a few, and from what you’ve shown us, so many are ace. Maybe you didn’t take a bad shot at all 😀

        It think you have a nice way with people, C, in that you are a good man. And people see that in you 🙂

        • This summer dream was good, but too short (as it always is).
          I’m not sure how people see me really, but I guess it depends on the person: some might see me as good, some as a man with a dark soul & inner demons.
          Most of the women probably see me as a Scandinavian, viking DILF. 😀

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    • Thank you Jo. Yes, when you post large galleries like this it’s best to split them up over several posts.
      If you don’t split them, you’ll end up with 400 views on the first 10 photos, then 200 views on the next 10 and then at the end of the gallery there’s only that one single, stubborn person that made it through to the end. 😀

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