Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 Part 1

I had a lot of fun at the Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Hundreds of photos filled up my memory cards this weekend, so I’ll split them up in several posts. Here’s part one of my coverage from the convention.

The Titanic International Tattoo Convention is the best tattoo convention I’ve attended so far. Flying in from Oslo, Norway, to see and photograph this convention was a great experience. The organizers, the official photographer, the crew and all the artists were all super-friendly and welcoming. So, thanks a lot to Julian Carson, his family and his crew for organizing this amazing event, to John MC for being a cool guy, thanks to all the talented artists and for an epic after-party too!

Stay tuned for more coverage from this event and check out more tattoo related stuff like “The History of Tattoo” and photos from other tattoo conventions here: