Linas Tattoo Convention 2017 – Part 1

My first post with photos from Linas Tattoo Convention 2017.

Shelly d'Inferno, Grisha & Ingrid Mutschler.

Shelly d’Inferno, Grisha & Ingrid Mutschler.

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questa casa non è un albergo

Thanks Lily Clic Photographie / Virgile Jourdan for taking my portraits at Linas Tattoo Convention this weekend.

Photo: Lily Clic Photographie / Virgile Jourdan

Photo: Lily Clic Photographie / Virgile Jourdan

Photo: Lily Clic Photographie / Virgile Jourdan

Photo: Lily Clic Photographie / Virgile Jourdan

Milano Tattoo Convention

Jakub, Sylwia and Max.

Jakub, Sylwia and Max.

Here’s a few highlights from Milano Tattoo Convention that took place 3-5th of February. I’ve shared plenty of photos on Flickr where the photos are also tagged with the name of artists etc, so if you’re interested in seeing more, I strongly recommend the Flickr album.

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Interview with Ru Hwan | Tattooing in Korea

Tattooing in Korea – is it legal? Is it illegal? That would be “yes” to both questions. “What? Wait. How can it be both legal and illegal at the same time?” In this interview with Korean tattoo artist Ru Hwan, we’ll find out more.

Technically speaking, tattooing is legal in Korea (yes, this article is about South Korea of course), but you’ll need to be a licensed doctor in order to perform this type of “skin surgery”.
Now imagine yourself that you’re at the end of six years of medical studies at the university, it’s time to decide which path to choose: should you become a GP, a skin specialist, a surgeon or perhaps you should go wild and chase your childhood dream of becoming a tattoo artist?
Just like in every other country in the world, people with medical degrees don’t become tattoo artists – they become doctors – and that’s a good thing, because we all need someone who might be able to cure us when we are sick, but some of us also needs creative persons that can create art on our skin every now & then.

Graduation day at the Medical University: "Should I become a doctor or a tattoo artist?"

Graduation day at the Medical University: “Should I become a doctor or a tattoo artist?”

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Salon International du tatouage, Marseille

Here’s a few of my photos from the tattoo convention in Marseille, France.

You can see the rest of the photos in my Flickr gallery or you can follow me on Google+ to check out the full album there (links after this gallery).

Flickr Gallery:

Cardinal Guzman on Google+:
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Manuella Ana | Salon International du tatouage

A few photos of Manuella Ana while she was working at the tattoo convention in Marseille this weekend – Salon International du tatouage, Marseille.

You can see more photos of Manuella Ana in my Flickr gallery:
I’ll also upload more photos from the tattoo convention to the gallery during the next days.

Tattooed Guys at Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2016

Here’s a follow-up from yesterday’s post with tattooed girls. Now you get the chance to meet some of the men I crossed paths with at Warsaw Tattoo Convention. If you would like to see all my photos from this convention, follow the link to Flickr after this gallery.

See the full gallery here:

I don’t agree, but some people might use the word Transmogrify (“To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”) to describe tattoos. Transmogrify is the theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week. You can see more entries for that challenge if you visit WordPress: