Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 Part 2

Here’s part two of my coverage from the Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 in Belfast.

This convention was a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for more coverage from this event and check out more tattoo related stuff like “The History of Tattoo” and photos from other tattoo conventions here:

Here’s part 1:

6 thoughts on “Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 Part 2

    • The size was perfect for this convention. Three rooms with artists – one big and two small rooms. There’s plenty more to come!
      Depending on how many photos I’ll add to each post, but maybe four more posts.

  1. Great photos. One thing – for example the man with the head tattoo – do you think it must make every human interaction he had fall into a kind of pattern because of the very strong presence of the tattoo?

    There’s a woman here in Edinburgh whose whole face and head is coloured red and covered in a tattoo. She stands on the Royal Mile in the summer and especially during the Fringe Festival that is on at the moment – and charges people to take photos of her.

    I cannot bring myself to photograph her or even to look too closely. She has a lot of piercings and chains connecting them as well and the whole effect is so extreme that I cannot look.

    • Yes, I’ll assume that you’ll get a lot of tattoo talk when your head & face is covered in ink. When you meet someone new (regardless if you have tattoos or not), you always have to find common interests/stuff to talk about. In this case it’s easy come up with a topic.

      At work I feel like I’m heavily inked, but when I’m at tattoo conventions I feel like a blank canvas. 😀

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