God and Man at Yale

In her latest post, Paula asks the question: «Mirrors do not always show the true state of things, do they?».

No, they don’t. Mirrors flip everything in a Z direction. If you’re interested in the physics behind it, you can check out Physics Girl on YouTube and her video “Why do mirrors flip horizontally (but not vertically)?”. A self-portrait is kind of like a way of mirroring yourself, but I can assure you that this digitally manipulated self-portrait does not really mirror the true state of things…

God and Man at Yale

God and Man at Yale

Speaking of self-portraits: For a while I’ve been contributing to a blog that posts self-portraits, but recently I got banned from this blog and all my works there got deleted. Here are the reasons and I’ve added my comments to it as well:


There have now been three instances where I have chosen to delete comments from you – twice on the blog and once on Instagram.

1. A comment lacking sensitivity towards a cross-dressing contributor.
– When I wrote the comment I misunderstood and thought that the cross-dresser was dressing up for the photo, so I wrote something like “this is hilarious and brilliant”. A few minutes later I realized that I was mistaken and immediately withdrew my comment and explained the reason.   

2. ‘Woo hoo’ in response to the first full frontal female nude that I posted. You’ve told me that that’s what you say when you like something, but I found it inappropriate in this context.
– Woohoo is a compliment and besides: if a person doesn’t want feedback on his/hers photos, then they shouldn’t post them online.

3. On Instagram: The cruel treatment of battery hens is no cause for making jokes. The suffering of any sentient being is abhorrent.
Of course you are entitled to your views and opinions, but I am entitled to censor as I see fit on my sites.

– What? We’re getting offended on behalf of the chicken population of the world now? I was inspired by a comedian that made some jokes on free range chickens (Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy Live | Fowl Play | Channel 4) and wrote some hilarious comments on one of your posts with a chicken photo.
Grow the fuck up. If you can’t handle comments, you shouldn’t run a blog. Getting offended on behalf of chickens? That’s just beyond retarded.

Here’s Steve Hughes thoughts on being offended:



That’s it for today’s Thursday’s Special post.
Go check out what Paula’s up to: https://bopaula.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/thursdays-special-mirroring/

Thursday’s Special

Thursday’s Special


33 thoughts on “God and Man at Yale

  1. The watch, the suit, the book, the hairdo :D, all but ears, nose, eyes – btw how do you make your eyes look this way. I really want to know cause there are quite a few people I would love to give this look. You did good by publishing your experience with another blogger. I opened my heart today too. (Yeah, I love being attacked for no reason first thing in the morning. ) Thank you for your mirroring, Max. 🙂

    • Yes, you also opened your heart today Paula. Sometimes it’s necessary.
      At first I was thinking about posting my third Bangkok post with night shots and reflections in the water, but I figured that this post would be more appropriate for your Thursday’s Special theme and I also got to rant a little bit. 😀

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  3. This is a great interpretation, CG – the ‘self portrait’, your ‘offender’ list, and the Steve Hughes clip. Being offended at the least thing – a great waste of energy. Some people make a life-time’s career of it.

    • Thank you Tish. I totally agree. I get offended by people that are getting offended by every little thing. 😀
      Steve Hughes totally nails it in that clip. He’s a brilliant comedian.

  4. No, they sure don’t and neither does the camera. This is a truly awesome manipulation, CG!

    To the other part: Well … that’s what you get when you’re dealing with people. They’re the worst! Be glad you got out of that crap.

  5. I adore this self-portrait, a perfect facial expression 😀 ! You’re pretty good at original selfies. I find you funny, not offensive, but it’s surely also a cultural thing. The US culture is particularly sensitive, which sort of kills the fun for me.

  6. Picture is brilliant. Bummer about the sensorship and removal of your contribution the blog – was that ‘Strata of Self?’. I loved your contributions to that site.

  7. I’ve not been online much recently but, as I play catch up, this post caught my eye.

    And made me go in search of quotes – and in view of recent events back in the land of my birth this one struck a chord…

    ‘[D]emocracy can itself be as tyrannical as a dictatorship, since it is the extent, not the source, of government power that impinges on freedom’
    -William F Buckley

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