Oslo Pride Parade 2016

Here’s a gallery from Oslo Pride Parade 2016 that took place this weekend.


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11 thoughts on “Oslo Pride Parade 2016

  1. The committee in my town that holds annual Pride festivities hasn’t been ab;e to hold a parade in years now. Since the massacre in Miami, there has been a renewed interest. I’m hoping that by June 2017 they’ll have a spectacular parade.

  2. Me and a bunch of friends unexpectedly partook of the very first NY city pride parade. November 2, 1969 … we had gone to see Beatlemania at the Winter Garden and when we came out … there was a parade. The very first of its kind. I’m glad it has spread all over the world. It was one of the times I was proud to be a New Yorker. It’s still my home town, even though I have not lived there in a long time.

    Wonderful pictures! It makes me happy to see these celebrations. Something good in a world that seems to have gone quite mad.

  3. What a parade. There was an equality march in Melbourne over the weekend. Great turnout too.

    Great spot from above. No shoving. LOL at the horse 😂

  4. Our Pride parade was this (well, last) weekend as well. Small city = smaller parade than many, but full of heart every year. My hometown is truly lovely in so many ways. There’s always one aspect of the parade that pulls me in some way or another each year…this year, with Orlando raw in our hearts and fresh in our minds, parade goers held signs with photos of the victims, their names, and their ages. One person, one sign X 49. It was so profound, so sad, so very important.

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