The Changing Seasons: June 2016

The summer has finally arrived. Here’s this month’s «The Changing Seasons».

I’ve been busy lately and still haven’t visited all your posts from last month. Basically it’s been a mix between a lot of work and a whole lot of nothing. Doing nothing in particular also takes a lot of time. The latest news is that a few days ago I got the following message in my inbox on Instagram: @cguzmanofficial

«Hi Cardinal!
We freaked out with your Instagram feed 🙂
Most probably you already know it, but let us tell you how fantastic is your sense of art. We see hundreds of accounts each month, and yours is something apart.
We can’t believe that you are not followed by thousands, but that’s one of the mysteries of social media…
Anyhow, we are here to back you :D. Honestly, we don’t follow many people, but we think you really deserve it»

Needless to say, but that was an awesome message to find in the inbox.
Anyway, enough blah, blah, blah. Here’s my V1 gallery for «The Changing Seasons». I might, or I might not, post V2 later…


What’s this «Changing Seasons» blogging challenge?

«The Changing Seasons 2016» is a blogging challenge with two versions: the original (V1) which is purely photographic and the new version (V2) where you can allow yourself to be more artistic and post a painting, a recipe, a digital manipulation, or simply just one photo that you think represents the month. Anyone with a blog can join this challenge and it’ll run throughout 2016. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t join the first month(s), late-comers are welcomed. These are the rules, but they’re not written in stone – you can always improvise, mix & match to suit your own liking:

These are the rules for Version 1 (The Changing Seasons V1):

  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
  • Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery.
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

These are the rules for Version 2 (The Changing Seasons V2):

  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
  • Each month, post one photo (recipe, painting, drawing, whatever) that represents your interpretation of the month.
  • Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!

Links to participants:


  • I’ll add links to your posts here until the end of the month.

Also make sure to out my spreadshirt shop:


Norwegian shop (NOK):

English (EURO):



62 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: June 2016

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  2. I was very glad this showed up yesterday because it got me out of the house to take some new pictures!

    I’ve been following you since I first encountered your site … two? three? years ago. You always have something unique and interesting to show and also to say. It’s nice that you’re beginning to get the recognition you richly deserve. My post is up tomorrow.

    • New pictures are great. I’ll probably & hopefully be shooting a lot in the end of July & beginning of August when I’m on vacation. Thank you very much for the nice feedback Marilyn. I got curtious and checked the stats; you started following me 1 year, 3 months ago. 🙂
      I’ll link to your post once it’s live.

  3. Love your summer photos of your city, Cardinal. The sun is certainly out and looks like everyone is making the most of it. Also, that is some heck of a message you got there. Your IG is fabulous as it is. So well done and sharp with each shot 😀

    • Thanks Mabel. Even if the blog has been kind of quiet, there’s been a lot of activity on IG (as you are aware of). Love to follow your river shots on IG too.

      • I am loving your portraits and all the tattoo shots. All very fine works of art each one. Health issues are preventing me from going out to get river shots lately…but I still have some in the archives to work on 😀

        • It’s always good to have an archive to work with. Mine is full of unpublished photos from different travels. Most of the photos are boring, but I can always find a gem here and there to work with.

          • You recent work is very well done, and a lot of photos too judging on IG. You sure are on a roll. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have over 100,000 images all tucked away somewhere. Maybe even more.

  4. Love the night shots, but I still think that sculpture is weird. Having said that it kind of looks like the bulls living next door to me 😉 And boy is your ‘beach’ crowded!

    Mine will be up at the weekend, it has been a somewhat busy month with some sun and lots of damp stuff too!

  5. You know that I hate when this happens, but this month I haven’t taken a single photo and I don’t feel fit for that for the rest of the month. I am sorry Max. Now back to your post. It is not a surprise that I love the crooked panorama best but I enjoy the rest of the night views whether with a tripod or not, the one thing that I am not physically drawn too are semi-naked bodies on a beach, that’s why my idea of a holiday is at 3 degrees Celsius or less in mid summer at about 3,000 meters altitude.

    • Don’t worry about not posting anything this month Paula.
      I’m a huge fan of naked and/or semi-naked bodies, but I don’t mind trekking in the mountains either.

  6. Hugging a huge penis? That’s what they do in the summer over there? Here we all stay indoors but not much hugging going on. It’s too damn hot! Mine’s up now, Cardinal. No, not my penis, my post!

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  8. Crowded beaches don’t appeal to me, but those photos scream *summer* to me like no other.
    It seems that Norwegians, like Canadians, flock to the great outdoors and the nearest water when the weather turns warm!

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  10. What an interesting series of photos. The blue is so vivid in the first shot – those blue skies of Europe during the summer are so intense. I haven’t seen that colour sky anywhere else in the world.

  11. What a great message to get! Love the shots and wow, the beach is packed. Looks like fun though. I love the night shots – nice colors. Summers of BBQ and penis hugging…why the hell not? I can think of worse things, lol! I finally got around to putting up my post: ( but there are no huge penises, crowded beaches or cool night shots involved. Just men playing golf. (Wait…did I just offend the men in these pictures with that comment? Ooopps. Not intended gentlemen. I am sure you are well endowed.)

    • Yes, awesome message! I totally loved it.
      I’ve never tried golf, but I think that I prefer penis hugging actually…? Well, it depends on which end of the hug I’m at…

      • Blah hahahaha! I felt the same way (about the golf) until I tried it. It’s fun when you are not with stuffy overly competitive people. And heck, it is so much to think about. Kind of makes my head hurt at times with all the factors involved. But the beer drinking and cart driving makes it fun too:) As for the penis hugging comment-HA. Funny!

  12. OMG! It’s the end of the month already? I better get out and take some photos. It’s been a busy month (good busy, not stressful busy).

    I’m going to try find you on IG. I don’t have a compatible device for the app, so I can’t upload, but just last night, I figured out how to follow people from my desktop. 🙂 I have no doubt your account is fantastic. 🙂

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  20. Wonderful pictures. Each time I look at your Oslo/Norway photos, the more I want to go there. I always feel a little sad that I’ve never been to Norway … perhaps just because it was so close. Would have taken me three hours to drive to Trondheim. Oh well … we’ll see.

    Anyway; here are my June pictures:

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