Autumn Morning City Sunrise

With a little bit of “I don’t care”-attitude and a slight tilting of your head, this photo is perfectly leveled.


Tilted? I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about…

Another entry for Lucile’s photo rehab.

27 thoughts on “Autumn Morning City Sunrise

  1. There’s something about the colour scheme of this photo that I love … almost as much as the bottles.
    You have to know the rules before you can break them, so I guess the tilting is … okay 😀

  2. All right then. Head cocked to the side (the right one or all the building slide off), attitude adjusted, “like” button hit, enjoyment complete. Check!


    • Thanks Joanne. I didn’t use a tripod and rested my camera on a crooked ledge. I also like the feeling of a city just starting to wake up. It has this special atmosphere. When I was in India one of my favorite things was to be up on a rooftop in the morning, watch the sunrise and observe people that were staring their day: in the big cities of India a lot of people brush their teeth, drink their coffee, wash their faces etc up on the rooftops.

  3. lol… actually, before I read your intro, I was thinking “wow, what a creative angle” 🙂 this is real early, is it on your way to work?

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