Thoughts on the Lunar Eclipse September 2015

Finally I got to experience an astronomical event too...

Finally I got to experience an astronomical event too…

Finally I got to experience an astronomical event too…

Finally I got to experience an astronomical event too.
That’s because it was visible from my window and all I had to do, was to get up in the middle of the night and look outside.

Usually, when an astronomical event occurs, I find out about the day after, when the whole internet is packed full of info: The news sites write about it, social media is buzzing.
“Oooh, the astronomical event last night was so amazing.”“Yeah, I know, I got eyegasms just looking at it.”
#hey, did you see it man?”
NOOO! I didn’t! Stop bothering me about it! Why are you telling me now?!?

Then there’s the times that I do know about it before it happens but, then you have all these rules to follow.
Impossible, weird, psychotic rules.
“Yes, it’s visible from your city/area, but:”

– You’ll have to walk 327 kilometers into the dark forest.
– Make sure no one sees you on the way there.
– It has to be totally dark where you’re at.
– You have to be very silent, so that you don’t scare the moon, the meteor shower (or whatever the astronomical event is)

Then, other times you can see the event, but you’re not allowed
to look at it. I mean, come on. How stupid is that?
That’s like the weirdest strip club rule: You can see, but you can’t look”

– In order to see this astronomical event, you must wear
some expensive, dumb looking special made glasses. You can use these glasses now and then again on the next event, 242 years from now. If you can afford to buy these glasses, you can make your own out of a baby dolphins liver and a moose head. – You’ll need the baby dolphins consent, but the moose head you can just go and grab from a moose out in the forest.

Anyway. Thanks Moon for putting on a show with the Sun and the Earth last night. I liked it, even if it meant that I had to get up in the middle of the night. Greetings from Max @

full moon / super moon

full moon / super moon

18 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Lunar Eclipse September 2015

  1. This year’s special celestial event was conveniently timed for 10pm local time where I am. Problem? It was overcast. As in, very cloudy.

    The issue we always have with major celestial events is light pollution … one of the downsides of living in a major city.
    … but the one and only time the event is SOOOO big, light pollution is not an issue? It’s overcast.

    The skies felt sorry for us and for about 15 seconds, the clouds parted long enough for us to see a moon in 2/3 shadow. No blood. No red. Fade quickly back to cloud.

    All I’ve got today is the chance to look at great photos like yours … and the opportunity to wait another 13 or 18 or 100 years for it to happen again.

    • Overcast is annoying during such an event. Well, you can always wait for the next chance 132 years from now, but then you’ll probably have to be deep inside the jungle of Papa New Guinea, wear special glasses made out of a baby dolphins liver and a moose head and be extremely quiet so that you don’t scare the moon…

  2. I”m so bummed I couldn’t see it from our location. There was a huge band of clouds right in the way and it didn’t clear up until the eclipse was nearly over, the moon was high in the sky and white. 😦

  3. I’m right there with you…and yet, this time, this time I got to see it all from my own property and at a “normal hour” with it peaking right around 9pm. Pure magic! Glad you (and I) got to catch this one, it was a good one to catch!

  4. I was happy because not only was it not cloudy, but it started here about 8 pm, which meant the eclipse occurred at a time that I’m normally still awake. 🙂 Quite enjoyed it and glad you did, too.


  5. Terrific shot! I seem to be the only person who didn’t get up and out … at least amongst my FB contacts. When I went in there this morning, my whole stream was filled with moon shots … some better than others 🙂

  6. It was a spectacular show, wasn’t it? I didn’t even have to get up in the middle of the night. It started before my bedtime. The best part was over just before midnight.

    • I’ve basically missed out on all of them too (until now). Thank you very much for the twitter mention, I noticed it earlier today (I get an email if I’m mentioned in a tweet), but I had the most insane day at work and didn’t have the time to log in there (I use twitter very seldom).

      • No problem, I’m on twitter some days but not others, but felt like it was worth sharing, in part because I could relate, in part because it made me laugh and not take my missing of all the events so seriously 🙂

  7. Yes … seen from in the garden – isn’t that amazing ! WE too were lucky enough with clear skies CG . Glad about that as 2033 for the next similar spectacle seems a VERY long way away Lol
    Super Shot !

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