Flaming Sunset

It was a fantastic sunset yesterday, almost on the verge of breaking boundaries.

And, just because it’s Friday:


30 thoughts on “Flaming Sunset

    • I saw it coming pretty early (but I didn’t know for sure that it was coming).
      Mr Robot was great, now my next project is to watch Corleone (Il capo dei capi). Not sure if I’ve already seen it though…

  1. Morrn … Awesome sunset photos! When it comes to colour, Mother Nature always delivers. These are glorious views! Is that what you see from where you live??

    The little one is cute beyond words! 😀

  2. I love to shoot sunrise and sunset but sometimes I don’t find it beautiful when it looks like a common image.
    These images are extraordinary and not to be forgotten.

  3. Bravo, Cardinal! Bravo! Such wonderful images and they got me smiling. It must have been a great start to the day when you saw this sight. Looks like a pink and red blanket covered the sky. Marvelous sight. Very crisp buildings, and very smooth sky. I’m guessing this was done hand-held, and what skill you have.

    • Hehe, I usually start my day on the other side of it: around sunrise. 😀
      It was a marvellous sight indeed. We get a lot of nice sunsets (& sunrises) during autumn/winter, but this one was special. I even heard people talk about it at the gym the next day.
      I shot this using a tripod and each photo consists of 3 bracketed long-exposures.

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