Street Portraits of Gunn

Gunn had some awesome tattoos, so I asked her if I could shoot some photos of her and post them in my blog. She obvisouly agreed. Gunn is from a Norwegian city called Trondheim and if I remember correctly, she got her ink at Purple Pain Tattoo. I believe that she also mentioned Flaming Heart Tattoo, but I’m not 100% sure about that (I didn’t write any of the info down).
Edit: Gunn stopped by the blog and gave me the correct name of the second tattoo studio: The right arm is done by Roger and Izzy at Lowlife Tattoo in Trondheim. Both studios are located in/around Trondheim.

Thanks for being sporty and letting me shoot your portraits Gunn!

26 thoughts on “Street Portraits of Gunn

    • Thanks Richard. Someone had to take street portraits while you were taking your short break. I see in your blog that you’re back in action now, so I’ll be looking forward to see some new street portraits from you.

  1. I told you I would remember your blog. The photos turned out really nice. Thank you for the nice chat. So not norwegian to talk to strangers. Thumbs up! You got it all correct except the part about Flaming hart tattoo(I have not had the pleasure yet) The right arm is done by Roger and Izzy at Lowlife tattoo in Trondheim. Good people and good artist.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Awesome that you remembered the blog name! (note to self: I should definitely print some business cards to have in situations like these). I agree that it’s not typical Norwegian behavior to approach and talk to strangers (unless they’ve been drinking alcohol – which I hadn’t).

      I wasn’t sure about the name of the second tattoo studio, I remembered Purple Pain clearly, but for the second one I had to check the yellow listings for tattoo studios in Sør-Trøndelag/Trondheim and just gambled. I’ll update the post now, so that the info is correct and the credit goes to the studio that did the job. Since I’m a person that’s probably more tattoo interested than the average Joe, I think that such things are important.

      Thanks a lot for being a good sport and saying yes to a fellow photographer & tattoed person. I’m glad to hear that you liked the photos.

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