WPC: Broken / Five Stories

Romafolkets Liv

Broken Nail Polish

Five photos / five stories Black and White Challenge:
A beautiful young Gypsie woman approached me on the street. The nail polish on her fingers was broken. Worn off. She wanted me to buy a magazine.
I told her that I wasn’t interested in buying the magazine and added:
“You’re beautiful.”
“Thank you”, she replied.
Then she wanted me to give her money anyway. 100 kroner.
“I don’t have cash”, I said.
She pointed at a nearby bank and wanted me to go there.
“I just gave you a compliment, but you won’t get any money”, I told her.    street5230257bw

  • Miz Rocket challenged me to a five photos / five stories black and white challenge. This has been the second out of five posts.
  • These are the rules of this challenge:
    1) To post a black & white photo every day for 5 days.
    2) To write a story to accompany your photo for 5 days (this can be fiction or non-fiction, a page, a paragraph or a poem).
    3) To nominate a different person each day.


  • I’m not a big fan of rules, so I made my own interpretation to fit me:
  • 1) I’ll post 5 black & white photos in 5 different posts (on any random day and I might post other stuff in between those 5 posts).
    2) I’ll let some text accompany these 5 shots (but it might be a quote or a poem written by someone else if I don’t feel like sharing anything).
    3) I’ll nominate a different person each day. This will probably be some random who’s not actively following the blog. (We all have blog followers that you never see around, so I’m thinking that this can be a good way of interacting with them).

My first nomination was Nia (see my previous post – A Portrait of Tore). Right now I’m too tired to come up with a nominee, but I’ll probably update this post tomorrow and find someone.
This post is also my entry for WPC this week: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/something-broken/

Edit/update: I’ve decide to challenge tvortravels.wordpress.com to join the 5 photos/5 stories challenge. Tvortravels is unapologetically a tourist who loves to take photos and enjoy writing about her travels. You see her latest post here: https://tvortravels.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/daily-post-challenge-broken/

32 thoughts on “WPC: Broken / Five Stories

  1. Was accosted by gypsies in Paris – wedding ring trick – saw the same woman the next day with the same ring and same story – no money changed hands. Makes me laugh every time I think of it.

    • I don’t think that they’re doing the wedding ring trick around here. Some of them did the “3 cups 1 ball” trick for a while and cheated people for their money, but the police didn’t like it, so they shut them down.
      They also had the football playing pick pockets one summer (3-4 guys playing football in the streets, accidentally bumping into people, stealing wallets, phones etc).

      Here’s the 3 cups one ball trick explained by a kid:

  2. Gosh this hands have seen some hard work. Love both but the b&w feels so much more intimate, particularly the family group with the little boy in white.

  3. In San Francisco, I had two aggressive panhandlers who made me take money out of a teller and give it to them. It was robbery, but I figured I got away pretty good with only getting them $20. Bastards.

  4. Oh my, Ok, I think i’ll use your rules though, not sure i will be able to do it every day for five days. I’m hesitant about nominating someone but If i do i’ll make sure they don’t feel obligated 🙂

    • Sound great Tvor. I’m glad that you’ve accepted the challenge and I agree that you shouldn’t make people feel obligated. Obligations can take the fun out of things, that’s why I re-interpreted the rules.
      Every day for five days wouldn’t work for me.

    • It was no problem surviving this. She wasn’t aggressive or anything, she was only insisiting for a while that I should give her money, but she quickly realized that I wasn’t that kind of person. If I had a job to offer her – for example offered her to wash the stairs in our building – then I would have paid her, but someone’s already got that job and it’s my landlord who hires them, not me.
      Besides, I don’t pay people for doing nothing.

  5. As Dragon said, that really is two shades of skin colour on her arm there. She sounds sweet, looks sweet, much more decently dressed than me but I wouldn’t trust her one bit. Good on you for holding your ground and not taking any nonsense. Shady.

    • I wouldn’t trust her either. The two shades is because this was one of the first warm and sunny days (it was cold in the morning, but got better around noon). She’s been going up and down these streets for months, begging and selling these kind of magazines, so her hands gets tanned, but not the upper arms. In the end of the summer she’ll have a nice over-all tan on her arms too.

  6. Romanian or Bulgarian gypsies?… I recall them stealing flowers in Oslo and trying(insisting!) to sell them to tourists after the national tragedy of Utoya… 😦

  7. Nice post … interesting. They’re all over my native land now. Even way up north, where I went last year. The year before, there was NONE! Strange. They seem to be more aggressive in Stockholm.

    In Swedish, Gypsies are referred to as Zigenare … probably something similar in Norwegian. Now, it’s no longer pc to say that word in Swedish anymore (!!!). There, you don’t seem to be able to call things by their right name/word. I’m baffled …

    By the way, I thought there was a law against begging in Norway?!

    • It’s no longer politically correct to use the term ‘sigøyner’ here either – same situation as in Sweden. There’s no law against begging. They were talking about it for a while, but nothing happened. This was one of about 10 gypsies that I met that day.

      Scandinavians (in general) have lost their balls and pride. The welfare systems are being exploited by immigrants and their nations are sinking in front of their eyes. It’s a shame really.

  8. The pan handlers (at least in our country) seem to make out pretty well by doing nothing. Our stats (in our impoverished area) was 2-6 thousand per month. I am in complete agreement someone standing on the side of the road can do work for that money. Begging is not an occupation!
    Great shot btw…

    • “Yeah… right!”, that was exactly my thoughts too when she presented her brilliant idea.
      When they start working and giving away stuff for nothing, then I’ll start paying them for nothing, but until then: nothing happens.

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