Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

«Layers» is the theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Here’s my entry called Spinning Nude. It’s a composite image with several layers/photos on top of each other.


Spinning Nude by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

Check out these links to other entries (and to some of you bloggers that link to everything & everyone that post entries for the WPC: watch and learn. I didn’t just copy WordPress’ list and linked to 50-200 other blogs. Why not? Because that could be considered spamming and people don’t like spam. So, I just picked out a few blogposts that I like and linked to them).

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

    • The technique is also whimsical and far from ordinary:
      I shot some long shutter speed photos without flash, then some long shutter speed photos with the flash fired randomly by another guy. In the post-processing I combined the pictures with the HDR tool of Photoshop.

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  2. Dang, you’re clever, Cardinal. I like this one very much. I ran into you on the challenge blog page where I was directed to go by Sylvia of Adayin2paradise. (or whatever the new name is) Glad I found this. Downright sophisticated portrait. 🙂

  3. Nice layers. I’d also just like to say, that I think linking to just a few blogs is so much more effective. I’m fine with it when I end up in massive link lists, but nobody really ever clicks on those, so what is the point really.

    • You’re right: linking to a few blogs is much more effective. That’s a valid argument.

      I don’t like the massive link lists. I did make them myself a few times, but that was when the blog was new and I didn’t know better. I even got a few now on this post and that’s after I specified that I’m not interested in these long link lists. It doesn’t matter for me that I’m in those lists, but when I get trackbacks from those massive lists I instantly delete them, because I don’t want to fill up my comment section with what I consider to be a form of spam.

      It seems like the only thing they’re after by this massive linking, is to get higher stats. In my opinion they should worry less about quantity and more about quality. If they want visitors & comments to their blogs, they should visit my blog and leave a comment – then I’ll make sure to visit theirs back.

      • Personally, I let the trackbacks stand hoping that their heart is in the right place. However, I agree that it is mostly about stats for folks who do that. I also think, that the ones who really are about that stick out and make themselves pretty obvious and once identified, easy to avoid.

        I also try to stick with the quality not quantity idea. I always visit a blog that has left a comment. In fact that is how I do most of my “following”. In my mind that is how I have built a blog that has lots of conversations that actually mean something to me. If that makes me the most popular blogger ever at some point, fine, but when it doesn’t at least it will have been important to me.

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